September 20th, 2004

Piano Teachers

Does anyone have a general idea of the going rate for piano teachers these days? If I wanted to come to your house and teach your rug rat how to plunk out "Go Tell Aunt Rhodie," what would you expect to pay?

Last time I taught, it was 5 years ago in the midwest. I'm guessing it's different now, and here.


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Safeway Warns Of Possible Produce Contamination

POSTED: 11:42 am PDT September 20, 2004
UPDATED: 11:56 am PDT September 20, 2004

BELLEVUE, Wash. -- Produce purchased Sunday night at an Eastside Safeway store may have been contaminated, the company said Monday.

Safeway said customers who bought produce at the Evergreen Village store in Bellevue between 7:30 p.m. and 11 p.m. should bring the food back for a refund.

The company did not say what the contamination might be or how it got into the food.

Only produce purchased on Sunday night at the Evergreen Village store would be affected, the company said.


it was fecal matter

Health Insurance

I am looking into less expensive health insurance for our family. Any suggestions? Looking for advice and/or good companies to go with...It would actually be for just me and Scarlet (8 months old). C.J. already has insurance...

I think that I would be interested in hearing about all options. However, I am especially interested in something that would be an inexpensive monthly rate. That might mean I would have to pay for some doctor's appointments... but I would have insurance for emergencies and for unforeseen events.

Thanks in advance!

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A quick review of the Steel Pig BBQ Sports Bar & Grill (the one on Aurora, not on Roy.)

we got there around 6:00ish... the place was pretty empty. It has what looks to be a small dance area, and a stage for a live band. According to a sign, there's live music every night.

The food, to me, was quite tasty. I had the mild-spiced BBQ chicken, but it was still pretty spicy (for my wussy tastes). Came with a pile of pinto beans & rice. My friends got the medium and hot spicy BBQ, and some of them thought their food was kind of dry.

The menu is pretty small -- pork, chicken, and seafood (catfish, shrimp, and crab cakes).

Anyways, I enjoyed the food quite a bit. It's a nonsmoking joint, and has pool tables in a basement area. Prices were reasonable, and the place seemed to filling up about the time that we left.
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Custom Stamps

Hi. Some time ago I had a custom stamp made for my production group. I have since lost it and the store that made it has closed. Who in Seattle will make me a custom stamp? I live on Capitol Hill, so the closer to my neighborhood, the better. Thanks.
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Yoga classes

I am just full of questions today.

Does anyone out there have any suggestions regarding cheap yoga classes? I prefer to stay on Cap Hill but I will drive somewhere.
8 limbs is 15 dollars a class and i don't know if i can afford that. Wanted to see what else is out there.

Getting rid of a bunch o shtuff

Hey. I want to get rid of an old couch and perhaps some other items. I doubt anyone out there would want these things. What I wanted to ask was if there was a cheap way to get the couch to the dump. I don't really have a way to transport it. I thought I could pay someone to take it away for me...

Any ideas? Thanks in advance folks.

Yarn Emergency in Seattle

(x-posting in seattle and crochet)

I know it's late and all, but does anybody know of a ready source for yarn in downtown Seattle (hopefully the Capitol Hill area)? We ran out quicker than we thought we would, and I thought it would be a nice treat to run out and grab some. Ordinarily, I would go to Fred Meyers on Broadway, but I'm not sure if they have their yarn section open during remodeling.

Suggestions? Ideas? Help? Thanks in advance, folks.

So you want good Chinese food, eh?

Tonight the lovely and talented princessgeek and I went to Ho-Win Restaurant in West Seattle. Its a little hole-in-the wall type place but they had the most fantastic General Tso's Chicken, it was sweet but not overly so and crunchy like it should be. If you like your chicken spicy, you have to tell the waitress. The default is about a two star. princessgeek had the delicious Honey Walnut Prawns, replete with a copious amount of broccoli.

Prices were mid-range, about $7 a dish and the service was fast, decor is primitive so if you prefer ambience get it as take out.

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