September 19th, 2004

Everyone is different


Just joined this community and wanted to say hello. :-)

I also have a question..Does anyone know of a place in either Seattle or Bellevue that I could donate two pairs of eyeglasses?

I know civic organizations like the Lion's Club and whatnot often do drives for this type of thing. However, I haven't heard any recent drives advertised. Every optical store I've passed by in the last few months doesn't have a donation box, either.

I'm also looking for a place to donate a *really* old crappy cell phone. I hear there's organizations that will take cell phone donations and give them to individuals for emergency purposes.

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Three Questions

I have three crucial questions.

#1. Are there any coffee shops (apart from the Denny's genre) who offer free or .25 - .50 cent refills on drip in the area?

#2. Are there any non-corporate coffee shops who offer health insurance to employees? (I am looking for a barista job but I need insurance).

#3. Does anyone have any suggestions for friendly, modern christian churches with a young, not entirely married crowd, that has an open, progressive view on things and great worship music?

Tall orders, I know. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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there's a front lawn in seattle somewhere that is
jam-packed with old ornaments, statues
and other bric-a-brac.

i want to photograph it but
i can't remember where it is??
oh my legs
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Free Stuff!

Due to some new purchases, I have some stuff I need to get rid of. It's free of change, but pick up is in Ballard. If I can't find anyone that wants these items, what is a good place to donate them too?

Pictures are under the cut.

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Err, coffee?

Does anyone know the deal with Musashi's in Wallingford? I think it's a coffee place/little cafe thing. Every time I go by it on the bus after work (around 6:00), it's PACKED and there are lines out the door and people on the sidewalk waiting, all the tables are full etc. Is it really good or something?


My cat Raven and I just recently relocated here to Seattle and unfortunately I'm too chicken to clip her nails myself. Can anyone advise me as to where I could take her for an inexpensive trim? I'm in the U-district so that would be most convenient.