September 18th, 2004


The dreaded dreads!

I am looking for a place that tightens dreads. Does anyone have any experience with any such establishment? I would prefer that they use the hairpolice string method because that's what I've always had in the past. Please help, I am turning into a big knotted hairball! Eeeek!
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++Evil Ernie++

Car for Sale

      I'm selling my car if anyone's interested.
      It's a '95 Mercury Sable, Silver,
      electric everything, four doors,
      all maintenance records/receipts are readily available,
      the engine is immaculate, interior is same,
      it's got a huge trunk, and current tabs.
      if interested, please call:

      (425) 820.2817
      Asking Price: $3,000.
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(no subject)

anyone know a good watch store in seattle?

im not looking for anything too expensive, well, under 20 dollars if possible, but im very picky. i dont want anything jewlery like, would actually perfer a matt finish to it. it dosent have to be name brand or even on a wrist band. I'd just like something low profile so to speak. if the watch had a cool enough face i'd sacrafice some of the above stated.

i guess a place with a big wide selection would be good.
self, raster

(no subject)

did anyone happen to see the fire in Algona just off of the 167?

we saw a blazing building on fire on the way to the Fair around 2-3pm today. on the way home around 8-9pm we went down to that area to look (somewhere near the dairy queen) but couldn't find any obvious flaming building evidence.

also, can someone tell me how two house fires in inner Seattle can make it on the news but a blaze off of a major state highway doesn't even register a blip?

... oh, and while I'm here, does anyone know what's going on with the tall spiky black-and-orange hair wigs at the fair?