September 17th, 2004

ROOM FOR RENT - Bellevue/Redmond

So, I don't know if this is considered a "sale" item... if so, feel free to delete it if it is.
Otherwise, I have a room for rent in Bellevue... about 3 miles from MS/Safeco/Nintendo.

Rent is 600$ - that includes utilities (except phone - no land line), cable, and cable internet.
Due upon move-in is first and 300$ deposit (200$ refundable).

See my ad in Craigslist for more details.

(I suppose I will cross-post this in Bellevue_People)

want a turtle?

Good Afternoon LJer's.

Heres the deal:

I have an ornate box turtle that i would like to find a great home for. I'm asking $20 for the turtle and its rubbermaid cage to ensure that it gets a good home and a good owner. I'd prefer to sell it to someone with turtle/reptile experience, but would be willing to help you complete a set up for it.

She is a sexed Female Ornate Box Turtle whom i gave the name bitey. She really doesnt like her faced touch(she just might take your finger off or at least cause some extreme pain.) My guess is she is snappy due to the fact that her previous owners released her into the wild and who knows how long she had to fend for her self. She is a great digger. Loves Dandilions, Fresh Veggies and Mealworms. She could make a great addition to someones home. oh, and she has a clean bill of health as for now. My guess is she is probably somewhere between 3-5 years old, but shes got anotehr 70 years on her with proper care. (turtles live a LONG time)
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Food Question

... and I promise, I checked the memories before posting. Anyways...

I'm wondering if anyone has eaten at the Steel Pig BBQ Sports Bar & Grill. We're not speaking of the one down on Roy -- this is the restaurant located up on Aurora. We're hoping to go tonight, and I was curious if anyone had eaten there.

(It's the building with all of the crazy artwork all over the outside walls...)

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may one purchase cheap liquor on indian reservations, and if so, which one is the best/cheapest? any advice?

i went to the muckleshoot smoke shop here in auburn the other day, which advertised LIQUOR, but it was just an overpriced washington state liquor store in disguise :(

thank you,
alcoholic californian ISO liquor at less-than-exorbitant prices

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I need recommendations for good off-site parking at Sea-Tac. Preferably a place where I can show up at the ass-crack of dawn tomorrow morning, park, and get a shuttle ride to the airport pretty quickly. Convenience is more important than price. THANKSSS.