September 16th, 2004

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Cedars on 50th and Brooklyn

I was up at Cedars on the corner of 50th and Brooklyn (I hear there are two restaurants by that name in the area). Anyways, a friend of mine was telling me that a few of the waitresses there had complained that the owner of the place kept stealing tips from them. I told my brother about this, he actually heard the same thing from one of his friends who used to be a waitress there. She had told my brother about how the owner even beat his wife in front of the entire waitress staff on one occasion.

I felt like seeing if these tip-stealing stories were true. I talked my family into going to Cedars the other night. We had our meal. As I ate, I watched how the staff busted their asses off. We paid, then tried giving our tip directly to our waitress. She wouldn't accept it. We asked her why not? She really didn't say anything; she just simply wouldn't accept. As we were about to leave, the owner's wife came over and asked us how our meal was. We told her we enjoyed it. Again she asked us the same question, this time I realized what she meant -Hey there, you didn't leave us a tip.

I really don't feel like supporting that business with my patronage anymore. I felt like posting this, just in case any of you go there. I thought you'd like to at least know where your tips were going. That just seems like stealing to me, stealing from both the staff and those who tip them.
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Only in Seattle

My grande decaf 2% vanilla mocha came with a sleeve that advertises, "Get Lost! Corn maze and Haunted Woods at Maris Farms on the Sumner-Buckley Hwy - mark your calendar for Corn Wars I - paint-ball in the maze!"
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Come to the cabaret!

If you're looking for a fun evening of tight harmonies and loose laughter, come see the a cappella group Bodacious Ladyhood at Thumper's Restaurant and Bar at 15th and Madison on Seattle's Capitol Hill.

Check out my group at There's a link right below the promo picture to all the information for the show, but here it is as well. There are also some

Bodacious Ladyhood in 'Some Eclectic Evening'
Thumper's Restaurant and Bar, 1500 E. Madison
September 17, 18, 24, 25
Show is at 8:30PM in the Oak Room dining room
Dinner seating, 7PM; Cocktail seating, 8PM
Cover: $12
For Reservations, call 206-328-3800

Reservations are highly recommended. We are nearly sold out for this weekend and I know we also have some reservations for next weekend as well.

Questions and comments can be directed to info at bodaciousladyhood dot com.

Big Apple

I'm going to New York for the first time ever tomorrow. I'm there Friday to Friday, a full week. Where are some places I MUST see while I'm there. I don't know Jack about NY.

a little help...?

does anyone happen to know if or where I might find a carpet bag in this town?
my gf is way into them and I want to get her one for her birthday.
a vegan one to make it even more challenging.

its too late to order one online and I dont even know where to begin to look.

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Wonder Woman

Okay, every year I try and try to find a GOOD wonder woman costume and every year I fail. So if any one sees one, that isn't the cheesey plastic kind, let me know!!

I think basically I am going to have to resort to making one this year....sighhh...well, at least I know it will fit me!!!
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SketchFest Seattle

SketchFest Seattle 2004 is back! Week One was a blast for groups and audiences alike, with packed houses and great shows. This week promises even more madness with 4 returning local groups and 4 all-new national groups set to tear up the stage at the Capitol Hill Arts Center.

Each slot features two different groups kicking it back-to-back, double-feature style, and no two shows are alike. Check out Week Two’s schedule below and pick a show! This is your last chance this year to see so much funny in one place. Come be a part of it!!

WHERE: Capitol Hill Arts Center, 1621 – 12th Avenue, Capitol Hill, Seattle
DATES: Thursday-Saturday September 16-18
TIMES: 8:00pm and 10:00pm each night
TICKETS: or at the door during the Fest
COST: Just $15 for each show, featuring 2 groups per show!
SF Site:

Thursday, September 16
8:00pm: Ten West / FURIOSO!
10:00pm: The OOPS GUYS / Flaming Box of Stuff

Friday, September 17
8:00pm: MEAT / The OOPS GUYS
10:00pm: TROOP! / Ten West
Midnight: PUSH Sketch Cabaret (Free show)

Saturday, September 18
8:00pm: TROOP! / Kazoo!
10:00pm: MEAT / Bald Faced Lie

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Trip Hop & Downtempo Tonight 9/16

Tonight, DJs Miss Flavio and Nubby Krayon spin the trip-hop, the downbeat and the groovy ambient at this week's edition of Schizophrenia! We're located in Capitol Hill at 10th & Union under the Autobattery shop. Doors open at 9. $4.00 cover. 21+w/ id. See you there!
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