September 15th, 2004

Leary love

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So the temperature's been dropping and the leaves are starting to turn and I'm finding that I can't get fall off of my mind. I've got a serious urge to go do some decidedly "fall" things, but since I'm new to the area I need to ask:

What are the best things to do around here to enjoy the fall? Good places to pick apples and buy cider? Best hikes to see the foliage? Other NW fall traditions that I should check out?


Was your ballot received?

Wondering whether your absentee ballot was received? Wonder no more! Get out your voter registration card and enter registration number at this site.

Alternatively, you can download a list of voter registration numbers of people whose absentee ballots were received from here. (WARNING: This file is currently about 3 MBs)

Haircut recommendations for the Eastside?

I recently moved to Bellevue and I need to find a new place to get a cut (and my old place sucked anyhow). I'm looking for some place in the Bellevue/Kirkland/Redmond/Issaquah area that's not too crazy price-wise but where I can get a good women's haircut (I'm aiming for professional but with some personality). I'd love a stylist who would be willing to make some suggestions and take time to show me how to style it later. They also need to be open weekends or evenings because I work in Seattle and there's no way I can get a cut any other time.

Yeah, I know, that's a lot to ask for when I also want 'inexpensive', but a girl can hope, right?

Alternately, if you know of a place that fits all these criteria in the U district (on the Ave maybe?), I'd take suggestions there, too. But the Eastside would be better in the long term.

Thanks ahead of time for suggestions. And yes, I did check the memories, but there was nothing listed for the Eastside.

Sorry but...

I looked in the memories and tried to find where you said to post this, but couldn't find it. I have 5 gmail invites and i want to give them to who ever replies first since someone did the same for me. So first five people with e-mails, come and get 'em!

Sunday Zine Benefit!

SEATTLE – Richard Hugo House's Zine Archives and Publishing Project will present a
multi-media extravaganza, the Video Game Show! The fun will go from 6 p.m. and
continue until 11p.m. at Hugo House (1634 11th Ave., on Capitol Hill); tickets are
$12 dollars at the door, $9 pre-sale at ZAPP. Info is at (206) 322-7030 or

The Video Game Show! is an 8-Bit Exhibition, an appreciation and deconstruction of
video games as play and as art. The event is a benefit for Hugo House's Zine
Archive and Publishing Project and will include all this awesome stuff:

~Interactive video and sound installations from Bonus, Simplicissimus, Truckasaurus
and more!
~Live PA music from Fourthcity deejays Kinoko, Zappan and DJN!
~Rock and Roll from the Umbrellas!
~Multi-media performances from the Slide Rule Cartoonist's Slide Show Group and
Vladimir Solman’s Interactive ViewMasters
~Readings from video game zines like 1-Up and +Pad
~A Gaming Gladiator’s Arena with Pro Players!
~A Costume pageant!

So come along and support ZAPP, play games and get down with your 8-Bit self.

A program of Richard Hugo House, a nonprofit literary arts center, the Zine Archive
and Publishing Project (ZAPP) is a zine library and independent publishing center.
It exists to validate independent publications, to promote the perpetuation of the
art form, and to champion freedom of speech and creative cultural evolution.

Verbal fights in apt hallways?

What do people do when your neighbor' verbal battles fall into the hallway - involving much slaming of the hallway door?

I don't know what they look like but I'm fairly certain it's the people right next to me because they'd occasionally fight at night.

I'm glad I wasn't doing laundry or on the way out because I'd have to go right through them.

Vet question

I'm going to be moving to the Seattle area hopefully by the end of the year, but I'm being anal about it and getting things settled now. ^_^ I know there was a memory post about veterinarians for West Seattle, but I don't know WHERE I'm moving to yet and I'm looking for a veterinarian who uses PureVax vaccinations. Problem is I haven't the foggiest where to START looking.
Can someone either recomend their own vet who uses PureVax or tell me a good starting point? I own a Siamese cat (5 years old this Saturday!) so cat clinics would be cool too. I'm being so adament about this particular brand of vaccination, since its associated less with injection site sarcomas, and I'd like to continue with it.

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