September 14th, 2004


Compare Portland and Seattle?

I hate to ask this, but I'm unfortunately in a hurry...

I'm originally from Texas, but moved to the NW a couple of months ago. I moved to Portland initially. I loved it - great city. I'd love to go back.

I'm staying with friends on the Olympic Peninsula right now. I might move back to Portland soon, and I have crashspace for a couple of weeks while searching for work there. But, I'm seriously low on money, and Portland's unemployment is extremely high.

So, I'm considering staying up in this area (Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia). I know that I liked the Hawthorne and Belmont neighborhoods in Portland. Are there comparable places in any of these three cities? Are there neighborhoods I should avoid? Any other suggestions? I don't really know anyone up here, so this is all completely new to me.

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Washington State Primaries

It doesn't look like anyone else has posted this today, so I shall hopefully be the first and last.

This is just a reminder that today is Washington State's Primary Elections and that you should get out and vote.

That's all. Go forth and punch your ballots. :D
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Fred Hutchinson

I had just moved to Seattle. My friend from Edmonton was moving to Seattle a few months after me to do an internship. She had just completed her degree in Occupational Therapy and thought Seattle seemed like a nice place. Since she was only going to be here for 4 months, she needed some kind of temporary housing. She asked me to help her.

Hey, no problem. But I had no idea where to begin. Someone in her faculty advised her to contact the hospital in Seattle where she was going to work at. Their HR department probably has to place a lot of medical interns and might have a list. She asked me to call them as it wasn't long distance for me (we Canadians are a very cheap people). But her email was kind of point form.

"Fred Hutchinson, 555-1212, HR department, ask about housing for interns."

So I called the number, asked for the HR department, and I asked to speak to a Fred Hutchinson. It took the guy about 5 minutes to stop laughing. "Okay, that's going to be a little problem because he's dead." "Oh, I'm very sorry, are you his replacement?" "No. Fred Hutchinson was a baseball player who died 25 years ago. The hospital is just named after him." "Oh, doh, sorry I just got this cryptic note to call this number to ask about intern housing. Sorry, I'm Canadian."

The man was very good natured about it, even when he thought maybe he had a complete lunatic on the line.

Seattle is good people.

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Can someone explain to me what the big deal is about having to choose a party to vote in? Every state I've ever lived in you had to do so in order to vote in the primary...

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italian bread?

Where can one find honest-to-goodness Italian bread in the Seattle/Tacoma area?

I don't mean focaccia, either. I mean big, round, dry, airy, hard crusted Italian bread.

Back East it is a staple in any supermarket (like French Bread is here). I hope it's not just an East Coast thing... Having Italian food with French bread every time is just wrong. :)