September 13th, 2004


Still in need of a roommate!!

Still looking for a roommate for this awesome 3bed/2 bath house in N. seattle!!

Huge backyar, HOT TUB, decent sized kitchen, 2 living spaces, some storage, w/d, off street parking, only 1 block from the buses that go directly downtown and to the UW (about a 15 minute ride)

Share with 2 other people (1 female, 1 male) 2 dogs, 1 cat, room for one more kitty!

Rent is $425/last/deposit ($300) and the last and deposit due at the latest by Nov. 1st (rent will be prorated if you move in before Oct. 1st) Split utilities 3 ways.

Landlord wants a few references to know that he is getting good renters! Lease until the end of February, would be taking over for me until then with the option to renew!

Please contact me (via email)soon if you are interested or want more details on the place! I would like find someone as soon as possible so I don't have to keep paying rent to a place that I really don't live at anymore!!
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So you're moving to Seattle?

A friend of mine in Toronto, one of his coworkers took a job with and he asked me what's a good gift to get someone who is moving from Toronto to Seattle. I thought a moment and said "give him one jug of that blue windshield wiper fluid and tell him that's considered a three year supply in Seattle." I lived in Seattle (well, Kirkland/Bellevue) for three years+ and I'm not sure I even emptied one jug of wiper fluid. In Toronto, you go thru a jug a week during the height of winter.

Other suggestions for him was: a box of Canadian chocolate bars (ie Smarties, Coffee Crisp, Mackintosh Toffee) and packets of Swiss Chalet sauce.

catsitting (not "cat, sitting")

checked back through the memories and saw nothing recent, so ...

i'm looking for a catsitter who can look after my two cats for about 1.5-2 weeks, starting in a couple weeks. would be in north Seattle, probably every other day.

i'm looking for people who do this professionally, with references, &c.

if anyone happens to be someone like that, or has had a good experience with a petsitter, recommendations are very welcome.


The urge to have potted plants in my apartment has suddenly hit me. So where could I get some that's within busing distance of the U-District?

Also, what kind of plants do you recommend? I'd like something that doesn't shed too much and that does well in the Seattle light. Also, if there's anything that cats don't like to eat, that would be good too (yeah, I'll buy him some wheatgrass so he'll leave my plants alone, but it always dies so fast so it's not always on hand).

(didn't see anything about this in memories)

underwater diving lessons? who do you recommend?

i want to learn to dive, as it will help me with getting jobs working in the fields of marine biology.

does anyone have any recommendations for a place to go learn? how much does it typically cost? i live in olympia, but am willing to travel to tacoma or seattle if needs be.


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wwe live from key arena.

I'm not so much a fan of wrestling, anymore. But whenever "Raw" comes to Seattle for a live show (which may I add they never did when i was 18 and liked wrestling), I kind have to watch. Partly for nostalgia, but mostly to witness the crowd.
It's a rare chance to see the worst white trash of the Seattle area, and the car enabled of Tacoma, Puyallup beyond.
It's like the western Washington GOP convention, and it's such a contrast of the barefooted orgy that was Bumbershoot.