September 12th, 2004

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Benefit Concert Today at 3:00

A choir of children -- victims of the poverty that apartheid has brought -- from a school in South Africa are in town doing a benefit concert to raise money for the Molo Project which has helped bring needed resources like computers and food to their school.

The group sang with Eddie Vedder Friday at the Vera Project, and will play two more benefit shows alone: At 3 p.m. today at Kane Hall at the UW; and at 7 p.m. Tuesday at Seattle's Franklin High School. There is no admission fee, but donations will be accepted at both events.

For more information, check this out.

Peace to all hearts.
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i hope this is not off-topic...

Today I found an envelope containing two tickets. One is for the G.B.H./Circle Jerks show tomorrow. If they're yours, email me (pokka@livejournal) and tell me where you lost them and what event the other ticket is for.
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Does anyone have any information or suggestions on how to get rid of what are thought to be yellowjackets inside house walls? Will one of those sprays kill them after a few shots? You can hear them inside the walls in the part of the home, and they are loud and crunching around. It is thought to be yellowjackets beucase several of their nests were found outside our house while being painted last week.

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Does anyone have any experience dealing with the city when it comes to business zoning laws? The local coffee shop I work at has been a variety of private businesses for the last 70+ years, but the city has decided that they might shut us down now since we don't have a residence above the shop and therefore aren't zoned correctly to be doing business. The owner has created a paper trail revealing a long history of business in the shop, but was unable to get us grandfathered in. Any ideas or suggestions? We're just small and locally owned, but shutting us down will put about 10 of us out of a job... Not to mention that Seattle needs more local shops at the rate Starbucks and Tully's are taking over. Thanks!
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Cheap Fish Tanks and filter systems

so i really need to get a 75 gallon fish tank and filter system to go along with it for CHEAP, cheap enough for a college students budget. my fish is wayyy to big for the 25 gallon i have now and the filter system i have sucks butt. so just wondering if anyone knows of somewhere i can get this.
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I gave your time away to the first smile come my way.

I'm selling two pit tickets to Endfest 13 with Muse, Metric, Violent Femmes, Franz Ferdinand and 233 more of those kind of bands.
I'm not extremely picky about how much I want for them because they were free for me... it just isn't worth it for me really.

But yeah, if you want them just comment or e-mail me at
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