September 10th, 2004


Local Fabric Stores

Hi there hi there hi there--I'm now back in the Seattle area (Lake Forest Park) after four years in Bellingham, and am finding that I no longer have any idea where things are.

Specifically, I'm looking for local fabric stores. I'm already aware of all the chains in the area (JoAnn's, Pacific Fabrics & its warehouse outlet, and I actually work in the Lynwood Hancock store), so I'm looking for the little independent stores who have a different inventory.

I'm looking more for fashion fabrics than for quilting/crafting stuff (In The Beginning has a decided pink bias, anyway). I want denims, suitings, and silky shirt materials, as well as a (hopefully) good selection of the Asian Brocades and Kimono Cottons that are currently so popular. Distance isn't really an issue since I can make expeditions off to odd corners of the city.

Please, unleash your knowledge of fabric stores upon me. I'm ready.
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Cider Press rental?

We have lots of loaded apple trees, and thought it would be fun to have a cider making party.

However, we don't own a cider press, nor do we really want to go buy one (right now - if this endeavor works out, we might buy one as an investment).

Google was no help in finding me a place to rent an apple cider press. I found a lot of hits about buying cider presses, cleaning cider presses, and the Cider Press publishing company, but nothing about renting one for a day.

I called AA Rentals, but they didn't rent them, either. Can anyone point me in a direction? Or, does anyone have a cider press they are willing to rent out?

We live in Kenmore, but are willing to travel north and south to get a cider press.

Thank you for any help.

North Seattle power outage

So I'm sitting here in my dark, powerless office (I hooked a generator up) trying to figure out what is going on. The dick at City Light said that no one knows what is going on and that they were going to try to get some guy to come to work instead of sit around at home and drink beer, because he is the only one that can fix whatever the hell it is that's wrong. Does anyone know anything about this? I'm @ 110th and Lake City Way and the power will come back on a for a minute and then go off again for 30. I appreciate any help. (It's dark and scary in my office)


I've recently moved to Seattle and am sans car. I've found the bus takes me most of the places I want to go, but there are occasions where it doesn't run when I need it, or doesn't come quite close enough to where I need to be. I was thinking of bringing my bike up, but my apartment is far to tiny to accommodate it. Someone recommended a skateboard, which I thought was a great idea. Problem is, I haven't been one one since I was about 12. So, the question is:

Where can I find an inexpensive board?

And where/how do I learn to ride one again?

Thanks for your help!