September 9th, 2004


I looked in memories first but found nothing....

A friend of mine wants to dye all the carpeting in her new, yes new townhouse and is looking for a place that will do just that. My parents dyed there carpets years ago and it was a BIG mistake and I warned her of this but she's still wants to look into it.

So if you have had it done who did you use? How did they turn out? Are you happy with the end result? Would you recommend the company you used?

Carpets are in Issaquah but I don't think that matters as a "carpet dyer" would probably travel. Thanks in advance.

EDIT: I did a google search and found lots of places so now I'd just like recommendations of places to use (if you've had your carpets dyed). Thanks
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can any of you knitters repair my beloved booties
for $12.00? must do a good & reasonably
thorough job. i'd be nice if the repair
could take place in my cap. hill apt.
just so i know i won't have any troubles
with getting them returned.
soles and heels only.

knitters only respond.
no mickey-mousers please. :)

good day all!

Stolen from Qweerdo Hyperbole and a Half

Special Benefit - Clown College Pre-empted

Tonight at the Vogue is the benefit for Mary Jo. She's a small business owner (hence, no health insurance) who was recently diagnosed with cancer of the brain stem.

$10 at the door, Tau Factor, DeuSex, Black Pill Book, and Noxious Emotion will be playing, DJ Eternal Darkness will be DJing with a few other folks, and we'll be auctioning gift certificates to:

* Aurafice Internet & coffie Bar
* Apocalypse Tattoo and Piercing
* Body Circle Jewelry
* Holy Smoke Tobacco
* Lucky Devil Tattoo and Piercing
* Music Werks Record Store
* Sin City Tattoo and Piercing
* Stone Age Tobacco
* Retreat Resort
* SuperGenius
* S&M Underworld

100% of procedes from the door and all auctions will go directly to Mary Jo and Blue in order to help pay for their current and impending medical expenses.

For more information on Mary Jo, please see
new hair as of 11*13-2006
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hey all - i'm selling my kite and kiteboarding gear.
the kite is a slingshot, black and white 12 meter and has only been used about 3 or 4 times. it's in PERFECT condition!! comes with 4 lines and handle bar. i will throw in my harness as well! the harness is a dakine and it's AWESOME!! the package is worth over $1100 and i'm selling the lot for $800 obo!!
please contact me here and let me know if you are interested! happy flying to the fellow birds out there!


the picture of the kite is a 2004 - but the 2003's look VERY similar!
btw - this must go ASAP!!! i'm moving soon and it must be done!!! THANKS!! :-)