September 8th, 2004


Carfax Reports

I bought a one-month Carfax subscription to check the VIN on a car that I am going to buy. I hate to see it go to waste, so if anyone would like to run a history report of your vehicle, comment or email the VIN (17-digit alphanumeric number) and I'll run a report and send you a link. If anything it's interesting to see how your car has moved around over the years. For example the MR2 I have now was imported into California, stayed there a few years, moved to Utah, then here to the Maple Valley area before I bought it in Kent.

Here's an example of a full report if you're curious.

EDIT: Looks like carfax can only run reports on cars 1981 and newer.

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As i said in a post a couple weeks ago, we're looking at moving up to Wa in Jan. gotta question about commute times. my hubby will be working in the Beacon Hill area, and we're looking at living in Everett. according to various mapping sites, it has the time as anywhere from 30 - 45+ minutes. Just wondering what the "real time" commute would be from someone who's done it. he won't be driving during rush hour though. he'll probably be leaving in the morning around 6:30 and leaving work around 7:30 pm. so you figure if there's no real traffic and he can go at least 75mph...what are we looking at? and what about taking the 405 to the 90 instead of straight down the 5??


My Baby Needs to Eat

Hey Seattle, I'm in a fix.
I am the proud owner of a nice little snake.
Snakes gotta eat.
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Oh, and for those of you who don't approve of feeding mice to snakes, I totally understand your position. But, my snake is my baby and baby needs to eat.

Thanks for reading.
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x-posted in seatown yesterday.

Wondering how many people are comic book-reading, scifi-and HK-cinema watching, con-going, shamelessly costuming (optional), otherwise reveling in geekdom folks in the area so I can start a Seattle popular arts community of some sort. I'd rather talk with locals and know what's going on than from who knows who else.

Open and friendly discussion about these things would be a plus.

Also, it would be nice to talk about EmeraldCon after the fact. Even though, for the past two years or so since its debut, it's sucked. Hopefully not so down the road.

And I do know some of you attend Dragon*Con.

Thanks. Nerd it up, Seattle.

Anyone use VoIP?

This topic was briefly mentioned in a year-old memory, but no one really here goes.

I'm thinking of ditching evil Qwest in favor of VoIP service, since I already have a cable internet connection. Anyone use this service? What do you think?

Also, I've heard of Vonage, but are there other local carriers? I guess AT&T does it too, but their service looks more expensive.

Please advise. Also, I've heard there are (or were) referral if someone gives me plenty of info and I sign up, I'd be happy to say you referred me.
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I just had a horrible day! Had to go... back to school. :'( I'm a sophmore now, and it sucks. Anyways, all seattle public schools started again today, so I was wondering about how the first day back was for people. I know most people who post on the seattle community are older, but if you're not, let me know how the day went.
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Anyone use Pioneer Organics? I am going to order it and figured I would give someone a free goodies.

I also have tons of boxes that I will have on Friday if you are moving soon. You can pick them up in Ballard. I also have a free microwave if anyone wants it.

And finally, who is too scared to drive on the viaduct because they are afraid there will be an earthquake and they will eat some cement?

KIRO Censorship?

The scheduled 60 Minutes show tonight is about Bush's National Guard service, and includes and interview with the man who admits he pulled strings to get Bush into the Guard, rather than going to Vietnam.

That's what's SUPPOSED to air. However, many stations (including our Seattle affiliate) are airing reruns, or have pre-empted the show altogether.

You might consider calling or emailing KIRO to ask them why.

Here's the 60 Minutes site describing the show:

Here's KIRO's contact info:

f[t] = Sin[t+t Sin[5t^1.2]]

this friday the streets of pike and pine will be split by the sonic forces of mathematics. mathematicattack will appear on pike and pine from 11:45pm to 12:30am and on the corner of pine and summit from 11:47pm to 11:56 pm. what you will hear is the sound of mathematical functions.