September 7th, 2004

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any of you film-buffs know if the shawshank redemption will be showing in any seattle theatres? they're doing a limited re-release in honor of the films 10th anniversary and the release of the special edition 2 disk dvd
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I have nothing else to do...

Anyone going to EndFest? Tonight I realized that I have no sense of direction. I really need to learn my way around the Center. I had to ask at least 10 people where the Key was until I realized I was on the wrong side. My friends and I are on Kiro 7. We helped them out, showing them a few cool places. By any chance does someone know what a show on PBS would cost? Weird question, but I'm just wondering. Thanks.
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condy rice

Hey... at 7 p.m. tonight Condoleeza Rice is giving an expensive speech/Q&A session at Meany Hall at the U. Would there be any interest in protesting? (exit Iraq) Comment!!

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the kalakala

Jeez...after reading this article in the Seattle Times, I just can't help thinking once again...Why the heck don't they just sink the thing somewhere and let a nice coral reef grow around it. I swear, this rust heap is cursed!!!!

kalakala article
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Please report to the Principal's Orafice.

WingNut Galleries announces
Friday, September 10 from 6 'til 10 p.m.
This is a group event aimed at a mature
audience featuring artwork based on themes of
school-aged innocence...and "not-so-innocents".

Artists' roll call includes resident WingNut artist
Michael Bailey, painter of perversion Beatrice
Billard, fetish photographer Rik Garrett, box-artisan
Tracy Higgs, naughty illustrator Jessica McCourt,
local pin-up legend Krysztof Nemeth, and the
inimitable Derek Nobbs.

Students, Librarians, Teachers, Disciplinarians ...
Come dressed in your favorite back-to-school outfits!!
- the saucier the better (there is no mandatory skirt
length or safety dress code here!)

This bit of exhibitionism thru September 30th.
WingNut Galleries is located at 1205 East Pike Street,
Capitol Hill, Seattle, next to Elysian Brewery.
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Rat City Rollergirls

I'm sure some of you have heard of the new all-women's roller derby league that has formed in Seattle called the Rat City Rollergirls. For those of you haven't, we're throwing a big block party in our nakesake 'hood. Also, we're in the process of recruiting more members for our teams so check out the website for more information about getting signed up on our waiting list.

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Camera Repair

k got another one for you all :)

My digital camera was dropped this weekend and the button is messed up. That's the only damage to it as far as I can tell- it's hard to get it to focus and take photos but it does still work. Anyone know of somewhere/one who can fix this for a reasonable price? Thanks!
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Can anyone recommend a taxidermist in the Seattle area? I'm well aware of and google; specifically, I am looking for experiences that others have had with local taxidermists with regards to domestic cats. My 18 y/o kitty is probably going to stroke out or something and I'd like to have this all lined up in advance.
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inexpensive place for driving lessons

I am almost 23 and have never had a driver's license. I'd rather not bore you all with the details as to why. Mostly no money and never living in one place for very long. However, now that I am applying to go to graduate school for ecology, I find that a license will be ultimatly necessary to conduct research. Most of my friends either don't have a car or have a manual, so I'd like to find a driving school that will give me driver's lessons for a reasonable amount of money. Preferably in north Seattle. I looked at Kirschner which is very near me, however I think that $316 for 4 lessons is quite high, and would like to find something cheaper. If it's cheaper in the burbs, I would be okay with doing it in the Renton area, where my aunt lives. I have driven before on previous learner's permits (I'm on number 4, I must ashamedly say) and know basic driving around on the street things, so I hope to not need too many lessons. My aunt just wants me to practice in someone else's car before she lets me try driving her car around.

Blah blah blah, a manual's not hard to learn, blah blah blah. I have practiced using a manual before, and will probably learn eventually. However, I find an automatic is easier to get a hang of quickly and would rather drive one of those for the test.

I did check the memories.

Any help anyone can offer would be much appreciated.
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so, how was bumbershoot? i couldn't make it this year.
i'm most jealous of those that got to see built to spill open up for the pixies. oh dear lord, what an incredible show that must've been.

Drew and Melaine's Big Fat Punk Birthday Bash!

Thursday,Thursday,Thursday (that would be this Thursday, September 9th)!
5 bands and more fun than you can shake a stick at! Come help our manager (the guy with the purple mohawk) and his lady celebrate being on the planet for another year!

Jack vs. the Ice Cream Man
The Histrionics
The Octabites
The Suzies

With your host Panix. Doors open at 9. $6.00 cover 21+ w/ id, full bar. Located in beautiful Capitol Hill at 1009 E Union under the Autobattery.
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so i've stayed away from the evil that is livejournal lately but i have a question that's best answered by the people of a community or two on here.

i'm turning 21 in a few weeks 3,000 miles from home. luckily, a friend of mine is coming all the way from georgia to spend it with me. unfortunately, he's not going to be 21 at the time.

so i'm looking for an 18+/all ages joint with a bar. laid back. something like pool tables to keep the both of us entertained since only i can drink. however, it needs to be a place where one won't catch flack for how they look and it needs to be a place where "milkshake", "skeet" or any such word won't be in the lyrics of the music playing. i know places like this exist as we have a handful in my hometown. where might they exist here? i know this sounds picky, but it's my 21st and i'm miles from home. i want everything to be cool.

(since he'll coming up in his car, you may see this in the community for tacoma, too)