September 6th, 2004


Live strong braclets

I am looking to find or be given a live strong braclet.
does anybody know any place in seattle that is selling these?
or of someone that has a few extras, they can only be bought by the 10's and 100's and the website is back orderd.
If someone can find one for me, I have gmail invites to trade.
rosario bay

(no subject)

i have a quick question for those familiar with the local music scene and open mic venues in seattle.

i will be out there for a week in november (and for all of next summer) and i'm looking to find the best places to play open mic at. well, they don't even have to be the best places. just your personal favorites and the like.

a BONUS of any place would be if they have a piano AT the venue. i will have my keyboard with me next summer, but not while i'm out there this if you all know of ANY open mic venues with a piano already present, please please PLEASE include the names of those here!! if you know phone numbers of these places too, that'd be awesome, but not absolutely necessary.

feel free to include any other info you want or opinions regarding open mics or the music scene up there. thanks!