September 4th, 2004

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On the Verge, theatre at Northwest Actors Studio

I was recruited to do sound and lights for a play that is opening next week.  There are two special pay-what-you-can dress rehearsal/preview openings tonight and Thursday night - 8PM.  Since I volunteered, I've run through the entire play exactly once!  Come to the preview tonight if you want to see a real train wreck!  The actors and costumes are great, but you can watch them scramble while the wrong lights go up and the wrong sounds play.  We'd love to have an audience tonight, come on down.

If you want to see the real run, come to the show any weekend until October 2nd.

And hey, club goers, it's right on 11th and Pike.  Theatre is the perfect pre-func to a night of clubbing.  NWAS even serves cheaper drinks than the nearby bars.  See the play, get loaded, go clubbing just in time for the places to actually get a crowd.

Photography print help? .

I'm trying to get ready to sell some of my photography at the art walk in Pioneer Square in a few months.

Seeing as getting actual photo's from my current negatives can be quite costly, I was wondering if someone could tell me how people go about getting prints made?

I've noticed a lot of people don't generally sell photos, but rather prints. Can anyone recommend a place here in Seattle where I could get that done?
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(note: i already checked the memories section to see if this question has already asked, in case anyone's first response may be to suggest checking it. thanks :D)

i've got a friend that needs helping designing/making a wedding dress.. she's looking for someone with ideas along the "darker fantasy ("Queen Mab meets Death") lines" of fashion.. specifically, she would like a simple corset with a full-sized ballgown with a little bit of a train. i'm hoping some of you may have some good recommendations, since most of you have probably lived here for longer than i have (my anniversary is next Saturday - one year!)

she's also looking for jewelry design/makers for their rings (not repairs/resizings, as the memories section mentions). any ideas?

any help would be appreciated. thanks again. :)
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