September 2nd, 2004


So sad

Fate of orphaned cougar kittens uncertain

05:52 PM PDT on Wednesday, September 1, 2004


DUVALL, Wash. -- Three adorable cougar kittens are at the heart of a growing controversy. The kittens were found in Duvall 11 days ago -- nearly two weeks after state wildlife agents shot a female cougar in that area.

The state denies it orphaned the five-week-old kittens -- one male, two female -- now being cared for at the PAWS shelter in Lynnwood.

Sheilah MacDonald of Duvall found the kittens.

"Anybody would have wanted to take them home and keep them forever," she said.

Sheila took the kittens to PAWS after assurances the animals would not be euthanized. But PAWS wildlife director Kip Parker says they're too young for rehabilitation and release and PAWS therefore recommends that the kittens be euthanized.

"I believe it would be best for the kittens to be euthanized because they cannot successfully be returned to the wild where they belong," said Parker.

Sheilah MacDonald said she heard a shot on August 19 -- just two days before she found the kittens.

At state Fish and Wildlife offices records show an agent responded to a complaint in Duvall on August 8 and a female cougar was shot the next day -- eleven days before the kittens were found.

"The cougar had come back and killed 30 more chickens," said Capt. Bill Hebner, State Fish and Wildlife. "I'm 90 percent certain with the info we have the cats were not orphaned as a result of our taking that cougar for public health and safety reasons."

Despite the mystery of the mother's death, the fate of these innocent kittens is still in question. The state will make the final decision.

"Obviously rehab… is our preferred option. Euthanasia is our last resort," said Hebner.

"I feel responsible for taking them in. I'm just trying to do anything I can so they have a chance to live," said Sheilah.

The state plans to do DNA tests on the kittens to determine if the cougar they shot was their mother.


I wrote PAWS a letter, but since those people are so stubborn, I doubt it will do any good.
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We're showing my movie again for a very special showing at THE TWILIGHT EXIT.

This is where the movie was thought up and shot at. It's going to be so much fun, you won't believe it. The movie is about karaoke videos, and there will be karaoke right afterward till close. It's going to be a great party with $1 PBR.

The movie features music by some great local bands including Carissa's Weird, The Catch, Climax Golden Twins, The Divorce, Juhu Beach, Kinski, Leuko, The Long Winters, Malinks, Sinestro, The Thermals, Visqueen, Jen Wood.

here's the deal:

Sunday, September 5th, 7PM
Twilight Exit bar
2020 E Madison
Seattle,  WA 98122
Suggested $5 donation

This is bound to be our biggest and best showing to date. It happens Sunday Sept. 5th, 7PM at the Twilight Exit (the birthplace of the movie). This is labor day and Bumbershoot weekend (you have Monday off). We'll have a short local comedy called Spore showing before Unsung and Unsung will be followed by the world famous Sunday night karaoke at the Twilight Exit, hosted by Steve the Karaoke King. Please tell your friends!

Unsung, a locally produced independent film about those wacky karaoke videos and the wannabes and derelicts that make them, will have another showing at the Twilight Exit bar, where the film was shot. Karaoke singing will follow, hosted by Seattle's very own Steve the Karaoke King.

Come see a great indie film in the afternoon, and then hop in front of the microphone!

A dark comedy filmed in Seattle, Unsung takes a look back at how successful karaoke video producer Bruce and his best friend Chuck discovered the path to half-wit glory in making karaoke videos. Reverberating with an all-Northwest soundtrack, Unsung whips a hilarious fantasyland of indie karaoke greatness.

Twilight Exit bar
2020 E Madison
Seattle,  WA 98122

Sunday, September 5th, 7PM
(you have Monday off)

Suggested $5 donation

The movie starts with successful karaoke video producer Bruce looking back at how he made it 'big.' Before it all started, he was living with his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend, which caused headaches for him and Chuck. But they discover the path to half-wit glory and stardom in making karaoke videos, and after convincing karaoke phenom Dillon to star in their first video, the production starts with a bang. But when a seductress turns the guys inside out, a rock star bender and vicious right hooks threaten to destroys the entire production.

Unsung started when a few friends at the back of the Twilight Exit wondered who the hell made those whack videos playing behind the singers. Instead of doing the research and finding out the sad truth, they decided to make it up.

For more information, go to or mail us at
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Hair Dye.

I tried posting this in seattlevegans, but to no avail.

I'm looking for a place I can buy cheap vegan (black) hair dye. I'm really poor, so it can't be expensive. I live in the U-district and would prefer to not have to go very far. My roots have grown out about an inch or something, so it would be a benefit to everyone who ever sees me.



Hey all, I've lived here for 2 years and am realizing that I don't know the radio very well. Beyond 107.7 I'm screwed and 107.7 isn't coming in very well right now. Anyone know any good rock stations?

seattle weather.

Hi, I'm new to the community ^_^. Some of you may know my best friend, aeolianafay.

So, how is everyone enjoying the weather in seattle? I know I missed it this summer!

Anyone hungry and don't mind making a trip to Kirkland for lunch and like pricey italian cuisine? Come to Ristorante Paradiso.

Lunch hours are 11:00am to 2:30pm Mon - Fri.

120 A Park Lane
Kirkland, WA 98033
website is:
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New Political Comedy Show

Like politics?

There's a new comedy show that opens tonight called Election Show 2004. It’s a completely improvised election where your vote decides the winner! You’ll follow the candidates though a brutal primary, debates, attack ads and scandals all based on audience suggestions.

This is an amazingly funny show and you’ve never seen anything like it! The quick info you need is below. Thanks and see you there!

Quick Info:
> Show name: Election Show 2004
> Performances: Thursdays and Fridays @ 8:00 - September 2, 3, 9, 10, 16, 17, 30 & October 1, 7, 8, 14, 15, 21, 22
> Where: The Historic University Theater – 5510 University Way – U-District
> Cost: $10, $8 w/student ID or $1 off with valid voter registration card
> Created and Directed by John Boyle and Douglas Willott
> Online Campaign HQ:

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I was curious if anyone knew if there would be any different schedules for buses going to Bumbershoot/Seattle Center area. I know Monday they'll run on a Sunday schedule, but do you think they will be different at all on Friday and Saturday?
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Ballard, bad neighborhood?

My brother and mom both think ballard is a horrible neighborhood, i've been going there a lot since that is where my boyfriend lives and have never seen a whole lot of problems, in fact, it was rare that i saw any and he lives right by a youth home. Anyways, what do you seattlelites think of the Ballard area?
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