September 1st, 2004


This might sound crazy but...

I moved to Seattle from NYC about three months ago. About a month in, I started having this skin issue--I am itchy ALL of the time. I mean, I can't stop scratching, it is driving me crazy. I've been to doctors but none of them seem to know what's up. I have NEVER had a problem like this before and I can't help but think the coast to coast move might have had something to do with it. This suspicion was bolstered by a story I heard about a friend of a friend who had a similar reaction, and then another story about a friend of one of my managers. I was wondering, is this all just total bs? Or have any of you ever experienced anything like it? And if so, for the love of GOD, what did you do to stop it!?!?!
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Well, Seattle, we have left you.

My fiance and I have just left Washington for my new job. Devin moved to Seattle in '92 with his family and lived on Bainbridge and then to the "mainland". I came here in '98 to go to the UW.

The last two years, we'd been living in Chinatown, above Uwajimaya. (There is now a two-bedroom corner apartment available there!!) I didn't think I'd ever miss the smell of those damn chestnuts that taste like rubber.

We intend to come back to Seattle one day. Keep it nice until we get back.

Goodbye. =(
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Prices for Wild Waves

I look up on their sixflag website and they say they are offering a $2 discount if I buy online. Thus bringing the price 'down' to $27.99 ($30.45 including tax). Also, they say that the price at the gate is $29.99.
Now, i swear, I swear! that I saw a commercial saying that everybody gets in at the kids' price which is $24.99.

So, has anybody been to wild waves recently? How much is it really?

Thank you.
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Car Auctions

I was wondering if anyone has purchased a car at a police auction before. What was your experience? Would you recommend buying a car this way? How do I find out about these? Are these auctions too good to be true?

Though I've been car-less my whole life, due to a new job, I need to buy a reliable, but super affordable car soon. So any advice would be much appreciated.


(no subject)

I recently had my wallet organizer stolen from my truck. Inside (among other valuables such as my greencard/ID/Credit/debit/RegalCinemas cards) was the spare set of keys to my truck. I'm lucky the theif didn't realize then and there what he had in his hands, or he could be driving my truck as we speak.

Since he knows which car is mine (duh) and has a full set of keys I'm worried he may return to take the whole car. It was stolen from the parking spot next to my apartment, so I have no choice but to continue to park there.

I've filed a police report, and the officer said to buy "the club", and to get the kind with "the brake lock". I've never heard of such a thing.

Do you know where in the area I can find such a thing?

Also, any suggestions on locksmiths in the Bellevue area. If I decide to, I need to find out how much it will cost to have the exterior locks changed on both doors and my back window (it's a Bronco).


$550 M/F - 4 BR/1.5 BA Nifty House with Yard, Patio, W/DW - Avail 9/15 (Queen Anne)

2M eclectic arty musician down to earth types (23+37) seek 3rd roommate. Mostly we want someone tolerant, easy going, intelligent inspiring and friendly for our sanctuary. We both belong to writing groups and have computers. There will be reading and music happening. Our tastes are broad and eclectic. We are considerate but if you are moody and want continuous silence, this is not the house for you. It would be cool if you have some nice extra furniture and you like to cook. No pets, except fish/plants welcome. Smoking outside only. We're planning to make the 4th room a 2nd living room. Please mail or call and leave msg (282.2495) and describe yourself and what you're looking for ASAP. We're going to pick someone we both like so please be honest and descriptive up front.

This will be starting October 1st!
csi: crime scene investigators
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Robbery in Bellevue

I know this isn't necessarily Seattle-centered, but there's been a robbery at the Cascade Bank on 108th in Bellevue. The robber claims to have a bomb and now 108th NE is blocked from NE 4th to Main St.
Just in case any of y'all needed to get somewhere around the downtown Bellevue area, I would avoid the business district completely.
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For Seattlites who like drinking and who like politics

So Bush's nomination acceptance speech is tomorrow, and we all know what that means:

Drinking Games!

So what I would like to solicit from all you lovely folks are ideas about what exactly would make for a good Bush acceptance speech drinking game. Either a whole game you've devised or something that could be worked into a game.

I deem this Seattle related because, um... there's folks in Seattle who like drinking and, um... it's fun... and... uh... Okay, so delete it if it's off topic but really I think it'll be at least as much use to folks as a show announcement.
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