August 31st, 2004


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Has anyone rented with Gilman Terrace apartments on Queen Anne? has 3 bad reviews but the latest was in April.

Alternatively, anyone know of a nice, quiet personal, UNcomplex-like apartment building with a washer/dryer IN unit that's larger than the standard Seattle 500 sqft? (with a view?)

And lastly, I'm giving away all my furniture and buying new stuff, be on the lookout for free stuff on seattlebuysell =)

Thanks for your help!

Judicial Elections

For all the talk about the new primary, there hasn't been much talk about the nonpartisan races for judge. I have no idea about most of these folks, so a good way to find out about their qualifications is on the King County Bar Association website. You can read the questionairres that they turned in and see how the Bar Association rated them:

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weird question

Okay, I visited New York last spring, and in Manhattan, in the Rockefeller Square area, they have a lot of vendors who sell this rice dish. Didn't have a really fancy name, it was just called chicken and rice. It was from the same vendors that sold gyros. Anyway, is there a restaurant or anything in Seattle that offers that kind of dish?

Prince Tickets

Hello all. My friend had bought PRINCE tickets for her now ex-boyfriend. The concert is tonight (August 31st) at 7:30pm and she has yet to sell them. The concert is at the Key Arena, Section 118, Row 11, seats 1 & 2. Originally she paid $167 after taxes BUT SHE'S WILLING TO GO CHEAP and sell for $120 for the pair MAYBE lower. You can email myself at, or post on here. The best way to get the tickets into your hand is to meet somewhere. We can figure that out later. Any other questions, email or post. Thanks!
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FYI The absentee primary ballots are too heavy for a single 37-cent stamp. So... don't take it to a postal clerk -- they will make you pay the extra amount. Just put it in a blue mail box with one stamp and the county will pay the postage due.

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I didn't have enough money to pay for my classes at Seattle Central before I was dropped, so I'm trying to decide which two classes to take.

For those of you that have taken any of these courses, online or in-class, I would really appreciate hearing your feedback about them.

Geography 100, Intro to Geography, Robert Lee

History 112, US History since 1865, Weston

Psychology 215, Abnormal Psych, Ryan

Thanks :)

Volunteers Needed at the Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival

The Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival is currently recruiting volunteers for its 2004 festival in the fall.

We need volunteers to help usher, take tickets, seat guests, bartend, set-up events, break-down events and more. The festival, going on its 9th year of production, is a great way to meet new people, get involved in the arts, contribute to a worthwhile nonprofit and earn coupons to see free movies. For every 3 hour volunteer shift you do, you earn a coupon to see a free movie on us!

For more information send an email to

Prince for only $10 tonight! (thanks to petit_chou!)

It seems the online deal (via the awesome petit_chou's personal journal entry) is over, but you can get them in person. "First come, first serve" says the Key Arena box office (where I just got back from to confirm that they are still on sale even though all online sales have ceased.)

You have to go down to the east box office at Key Arena ($10 tickets are still available). The password isn't "what", it's PURPLE to get the inexpensive tickets. The PRINCE code is dead (tickets were only 75 cents with that code...)

Call 206-684-7200 to confirm if you want to :) As of 6:15PM, there were still $10 tickets available (with no additional Ticketbastard fees)...
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Does anyone know where I could get my wisdom teeth taken out cheaply? Maybe through the University of Washington's School of Dentistry?

I have health insurance through my employer, but already went $300 over my yearly maximum to get a cavity filled. I wouldn't be able to afford the co-pay, anyway.

viva seattle!

Aaaah! I'm a Hawaii girl but I went to college in WA for four years....and I'm coming back in Sept for the first time in almost two years! Seattle and Seattleites you're cool! I miss you! See you soon!
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Help Send George Back to Texas!!
Balkan Night with Orkestar RTW Benefiting MoveOn PAC

Friday, Sept. 10th, 7-9 PM

Cafe Solstice
4116 University Way NE
Seattle's University District
Suggested donation: $5

Orkestar RTW (Radio-Televizije Woodinville) performs music of Bulgaria, Macedonia and Serbia for your dancing and listening pleasure. All proceeds will go to MoveOn PAC to support the Kerry campaign.

Orkestar RTW:
Ronald Long (accordion)
Steve Shadle (clarinet/sax/vocals)
Jana Rickel (bass/vocals)
Tom Deering (tupan/doumbek)

Great coffee. Friendly baristas. Wonderful music. And all for a good cause!!
See you there!

Questions?? Contact Steve Shadle - (206) 781-2198

Orkestar RTW:
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GMAIL invites [aka Playing the bad guy here]

It would seem quite a few people have gmail invites to give away. However, the community is starting to get bogged down with these posts, which, in fairness, aren't exactly "on-topic". Don't get me wrong, I think it's swell that people want to share with the masses, but I'm sure there are a number who are close to shouting, "Enough already!!"

That being said, if you find yourself with gmail invites to give away, instead of making a new post to the community each time, please post your offer as a comment to this post. People who are seeking an invite can come here to check. Once you've given them all away, post another comment indicating this fact and I'll go ahead and delete the whole string of comments. [Sounds more complicated than it is, I assure you.]

Better yet, place your offer for the invites to the applicable gmail community or consider donating them to the troops!

Thanks, kids.