August 30th, 2004

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I got a car on Saturday, and it happens to have 3 rock chips in the windshield. Are there any of those free rock chip fixing places around still? Preferably on the Eastside. If not, where do you suggest I take my car? Preferably on the Eastside, but I'm willing to take it to the city as long as I don't have drive downtown much. :D As I'm not finacially adept to do much, I'd like something cheap'ish. :D

Anyways.. thanks! And if you give me good answers, the flowers in my icon are totally yours. ;)
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I'm thinking of taking the ferry to Bainbridge island today... does anyone know if it's a worthy day trip to take with someone who's not from the washington area? and if so what there is to do? i've beed google-ing it but havent talked to anyone personally about it yet...
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Ladybug Soapworks?

Has Ladybug Soapworks entirely gone out of business or just moved out of Broadway Market?

I noticed it was gone and was really disappointed. Does anyone know how I could get in contact with the soapmaker?

Specifically, I'm trying to get some of their Seattle rain soap--it's my ma's favorite.


Next Schizophrenia -Sept 2nd

It's the first Thursday of the month, which means ladies get in free before midnight! As always, DJ Dancemonkey will be spinning the tunes AAAANNNDDDD...Kaos Queen will be returning as well! So join us this Thursday for a little music to dance to! As always, requests are welcome. Doors open at 9pm. $4.00 cover for non-women and women after midnight. 21+ w/ id. No membership needed for this night. We're located in Capitol Hill at 10th and Union under the Autobattery. See you there!
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new trader joe's!

just thought i'd post about this because a while ago i had asked about it on this community...

the trader joe's on madison is now open! i just drove by it and there are lots of people and balloons and it all looks very festive.
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Still Have Room for Rent!!

N. Seattle, 3bed/2 bath house
Share with 1 female, 1 male, 2 dogs, 1 cat, room for 1 more kitty!

Rent is only $425!!! (last and deposit ($300) can be paid over the course of 2 months!) Split utilities 1/3
1 block to bus lines to UW and Downtown!


Email for Details!! Or pictures! Or to see this awesome house!!

For Rent: Downtown Redmond Condo

A young woman whom I helped to buy her first place a few months ago became engaged over this past weekend, so she's moved in with said fiancee and needs to rent out her condo.

Here's the skinny:
2 bed, 1 bath
1000 square feet
Pool, Club House, Reserved Carport
No pets (sorry)

Located in Downtown Redmond, everything is within walking distance (RTC, AT&T, shops, parks, shops, etc).

She's looking to get $1100/month with a deposit, but terms are negotible if you're willing to sign a lease.

Please respond to this post with your contact info if you'd like more info.
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Reminder/plug for my place of employ: Howard Dean is going to be signing (and nothing more) his new book You Have the Power at the Ave University Bookstore at 12.30pm tomorrow.