August 29th, 2004


Question about landlord/tenant law, King County.

I posted here awhile ago in regards to a landlord dispute, and I had a question in regards to Landlord/Tenant law that I couldn't find on the website or didn't see a clear answer. Perhaps someone here could answer it for me?

1. I was out of town when my lease expired, and had moved out all of my furniture beforehand. I hadn't remembered to turn in the keys, but specifically told her that I would give them to her when I returned. She charged the rent for the days I was out of town against my security deposit - is this legal?

2. She repainted parts of the apartment, and repaired two nail holes in the wall (that we had from hanging pictures). Is there any laws regarding what she's able to bill me for this?

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Question about ocarinas...

My girlfriend bought me an ocarina at a fair - one of the coolest things I've ever gotten. The one problem is that I can't find anything about this particular one online - all the sites I see about them are about the four-hole english ocarinas.

My ocarina has six holes in the top, three on each side, all the same size. It has two additional thumb holes in the bottom. I'm generally interested in trying to find out what the scale would be. Even if anyone here knows any tabs for an ocarina like mine, I can probably deduce it by playing.

Maybe this is off-topic? But help if possible! :)

Some musical help needed :)

hi all, just joined the community. Gonna cross post this in some other groups, but I am in need of some quality happycore (local would be sweet) and some breaks/electro. If I could catch some dj tuneage in the downtown area, even better. :)
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No, it's not Craigslist...

Last year I came across a classifieds page for the Seattle area, mainly for buying/selling/trading extra or recyclable building materials and landscaping items but I can't find it now. Can anybody know what the address is or if there's a similar service you could tell me about?
can i help you

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Okay flame me or whatever for being off topic, but I am doing this for a friend.

Pugs For Sale

She has 1 fawn male, 1 blk female, and 2 blk males left. $600.00 each

Please address all questions to

Thanks and BTW, I don't agree with buying animals, I would go to a shelter first, but this is just a favor for a friend.

Thanks and have a great day!