August 28th, 2004


C E L L U L A R H E L P ! ! ! ! !

i'm looking for a new cell phone plan. i haven't had a cell phone for about 3 years, so can someone (anyone) tell me what service provider and plan is the best for me? i want unlimited nights and weekends so minutes don't matter so much, but i also want something with good reception in the capitol hill area.
thanks in advance.
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I was curious if anyone knew where you could get tile, or broken tile for use in mosaics. I wanted to mosaic this tabletop and I've just moved I've yet to find such a place.
oh that does make sense

Dropping off/Picking up at WR Amphitheatre

We're not going to a concert at White River Amphitheatre, but we are picking someone up. The website says the following:

Drop-Off Area is located at the southwest end of the venue parking lot. Pay attention to Event Signage to direct you to this area. Pick-up after the event is in the same place. Anyone wishing to pick up someone up at the amphitheatre should plan to arrive at least 45 minutes prior to the end of the event.

Any other tips/suggestions/cheat codes/hints/tricks that you can suggest?

Bumbershoot Art Party September 1st!

I've got some of my artwork in this show, and will be at this event! AS will ASTOUNDING ARTIST Jessica McCourt, also known in these parts as anaisred

Curated by Erin Norlin and Jess Van Nostrand
Bumbershoot Opening Night Gala & Art Exhibit
Free Admission
Dress to Impress
Wednesday September 1, 6:00 – 9:30pm
Seattle Center, Northwest Rooms
For more information:

Come celebrate the Bumbershoot grand opening gala featuring Grande Hostess, Sylvia O’Stayformore, sexy vintage-style cabaret by the talented Vargas Girls , and electronic soundscapes and beats inspired by jazz & classical music by The Bethurum Collective.
Complimentary snacks and non-alcoholic drinks will be served – no host bar.

Enjoy a sneak preview of the fabulous art in the Girlie Fun Show – over 40 local, national and international artists showing paintings, video, sculpture, installation, and much more!  Featured artists include Mandy Greer, Yumiko Kayukawa, Kipling West, Marion Peck, Claire Johnson, Lisa Petrucci, Kryzstof Nemeth, flatchestedmama, Jason D’Aquino, Kirsten Easthope, and more.

Mingle with cigarette girls, drag queens, nuns, stewardesses, eccentrics, and geniuses!  
Enjoy cupcakes, glitter and eye candy!

Girlie Fun Show is being held in the SHAW Room in Seattle Center and will be open
 August 31 -  September 6th.  Hours are 12:00noon – 8:00pm daily.
 Free previews available August 31 – Sept 2.  
September 3 – 6, admission is included with Bumbershoot ticket.

We look forward to seeing you there!

For more info about Bumbershoot –

And while you’re at Bumbershoot, don’t miss....
Delicate Debauchery Drove Her to Madness – A Tribute to Vintage Pulp Fiction
Curated by Girlie Fun Show
Snoqualmie Room
Local artists illustrate a vintage style zine written by David Miller.
Zines will be available for sale and the original art will be displayed.
Artists include: Ellen Forney, Sam Trout, Randy Wood, Pat Moriarity,
Jennifer Daydreamer, Molly Kiely, David Lasky, Robert Rini, Jason Lutes,
Kipling West, Brian Sendelbach, Dalton Webb, Joe Newton and Erin Norlin.

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does anyone know of a portuguese bakery anywhere in seattle? preferably downtown/capitol hill.

i'm specifically looking for malasadas, but it seems that no one i ask has any idea what i'm talking about.
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Earlier I posted a poll about what color you liken to which party. This document (enclosed with my absentee ballot) is the reason Collapse )

They totally fuxxed the traditional color scheme. They're saying that Republicans are green, Democrats are red, and Libertarians are blue. I'm curious why they did it and if it was an intentional effort to confuse the public. Not to mention the traditional red-means-stop green-means-go thing.

Now that you've probably taken the poll, what are your thoughts on that matter?
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I have been seeing Tara at Vain since about May...and I liked her just fine, but she is moving to Hawaii and this is her last week. I have just made another appointment and they booked me with a Kathy who is in the same price range and (the guy on the phone said)supposedly the same kind of style. I have extremely short hair that I get cut about once a month and color orange/reds and I want to know if anyone on here has seen Kathy (as I know a lot of people on here go to Vain!)and if they liked her.

If anyone else has suggestions on hairdressers that are accessible from the Bainbridge ferry (Vain is only about 10-15 minute walk from the ferry) or on the Bainbridge/Kitsap side of the water (even better!!!), I would seriously appreciate it.

Thanks to those who recomended Vain to me some months back. :-)
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Improvathon Review

I got home awhile ago from spending several hours at the Market Theater watching Unexpected Production's Improvathon. While I did get to see Ryan Stiles from "Whose Line is it Anyway" who was wonderful, I really enjoyed the entire cast. The host, Greg Stackman, was especially wonderful to watch. I highly recommend this show as reasonably priced entertainment. I even took my two kids (one of whom is only 2 years old) and it worked out fine.

The people are warm, friendly and funny as hell. They need financial support so go see them if you have some time! They are doing 50 hours straight so you can go anytime from now until Sunday evening. If you can't make it this weekend, go to one of their other weekly shows.

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Awhile ago someone posted a link to police/9-11 emergency reports in the Seattle metro area that were kept up-to-date every few minutes. Anyone still have it? Some stuff just went down involving a lot of cops and only one dude, and I'd like to know what since they used some pretty brutal force to take him down and away.