August 26th, 2004


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Does anyone know how or where I can find those survey places that pay cash for taking a survey? Not the internet ones, the ones where you go to Redmond or wherever and fill out a survey on...oh I dunno, customer service in 2004...

Any help would be appreciated =)
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Random acts of kindness...

To whoever put a full 2 hrs on my parking meter this morning (Silver Alero at 9th and Madison): Thank you. It was a welcome surprise for one very groggy boy.

There are some beautiful people in this town. And if something like this ever happens to any of you, remember to pay it forward. Kindness is contagious :o)
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Within 24 hours of puzzling publically over why I've gotten so few gmail invites, more came in. Heh.

Five invites to give away. First five responses with email addresses included in the response get them.

Update: all gone. There are more requests than I had invites, so anyone else is of course welcome to step in and continue giving them out.


I have an office/computer desk that I need to get rid of
It's yours, all free, you just have to come and get it
I want it gone by this saturday preferably----

Good sized desk, currently used as a computer desk. 4ft wide, 2ft deep, ~3ft tall. All wood, little scratches. Side drawer and a short printer stand wheels to go with it (not matching)

Email for directions. I am in N. Seattle. No I do not have pictures. Just come get the damn thing so I don't have to move it....please.
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SEATTLE RESIDENTS: Have you read about the possible serial rapist on the loose in the city? Two rapes have occurred within the last week, in which a men (or men) has broken into closed but unlocked windows at night and assaulted a female. One happened in Eastlake, the other in Greenlake.

I don't want you to live in fear, but please be safe.

Here's an article with more details and also safety tips:

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In case you're interested, sliding scale self-defense classes are offered at the excellent organization Home Alive (as well as other places, I'm sure--plz list other resources if you have 'em.). Check Home Alive out at:

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Hey! i'm a new member! Me and the hubby and our 2 kids (one is still cooking, due mid Nov) will be moving to the Seattle area after xmas/begining of 2005. excited but scared. always wanted to move to Seattle, never thought it would happen. we just can't afford to live in LA anymore. Just trying to find an Apt complex that'll take us AND our 3 pets. :) Looking at places in Renton, Lynnwood, west seattle, and everett if we have to (already got approved for 3 pets in one place, just hoping to NOT have to do the commute). we're on a tight budget since we're broke. $750 a month or less for a 2 br. found a few actually, just the damn zoo i own. LOL. waiting to hear back from places.

anyways, just wanted to say HI.


i hope this is allowed now-- i'm not really looking to make any money, i'm just moving cross-country on monday and would like to see these get new homes, especially the vintage ones. because of this, i'll also consider trading for the same value in lucky or polaroid film, if you have any.

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Looking for an old friend

I am looking for an old friend from high school. Well, he went to a different high school than I did (Bellarmine Prep in Tacoma, Class of 1996). His name is Joe GeRoy, and I would love to get in touch with him. I have not seen him since 1997 at a mutual friend's place. Last I heard he had attended WSU, but I have no idea where he is living or what he is doing.

If anyone knows how to get in touch with him, please let me know?

Much thanks.

Ink Riot Dot Com is an online music store for local bands and solo artists. We also do show promotion as well.

Bands or solo artists interested in having their cds sold through this website, please contact us at

We are located in Washington State, if you wanted to know.