August 25th, 2004

Skeptical Ramona

Musical equipment "for trade"

Okay. *deep breath* Why is it that, even though the community info reads that all "for sale" posts will be deleted, but people can still "trade" concert tickets (or even sell them outright) and advertise their services here without their posts being deleted? I need to get rid of my shit, but nobody reads seattlebuysell.

So, in a thinly veiled attempt to skirt the rules, I'd like to offer some stuff "for trade":

- For my Gregg Rogers custom-made electric guitar (which plays so nice!), I will "trade" this fine item with anyone who gives me $250.

- For my off-brand 12-string acoustic guitar, I will accept a "trade" of $200 obo.

- If anyone is interested in a banjo, I have a 5-string available if you will "trade" $200 with me.

- I have an Armstrong student flute going for the low, low "trade" rate of $100

- And lastly, I will "trade" someone my Fostex 4-track recorder, complete with mic for $80.

In the immortal words of Monty Hall, let's make a deal.
oh my legs
  • ninaf

swim - BIKE - run

Hello Ladies,

Reebok is hosting their Women's Triathlon Series in Federal Way at Steel Lake this year. It will be held on September 12th with a required meeting on the 11th. If you are a first timer, there is a super sprint sized (swim .25 mile, bike 8 miles, run 2.1 miles) or the normal sprint sized (.50 swim, bike 13.1 mile, 4.2 mile run.) All size, color and age of women are wanted! The proceeds of the triathlon go to the Ovarian Cancer Research Center. You can find out more information at - Reebok Women's Triathlon Series.

Hello Men and Ladies that can't participate,

Reebok is looking for volunteers for the triathlon! If you have some spare time and want to help out, you can find out more information by going here.

(I am not part of the triathlon but I might be able to answer some basic questions.)

Yay or Nay?

So it looks like, based on a recent post, there needs to be a decision made regarding For Sale/For Trade posts to the community. It has to be an all or nothing thing, however, to keep it fair. That means that even posts that are offering free concert tickets and the like have to follow the same guidelines as those which list various items for sale. There is a seattlebuysell community, but many don't feel that's good enough and their post won't get as much exposure in there. So let's put this to a vote...

Poll #340774 Selling/Trading Posts

Should we allow people to post things for sale/trade to this community?


If "Other", explain...

Please feel free to further explain your decision via comments, but try to keep it reasonable and respect the varying opinions. Thanks.
hugh laurie
  • aurens

to make a ring

i would like to take the metal pieces of my watch, melt them down to make a ring. i can find a nice bunsen burner, a crucible but i lack a mold for the ring. in addition, i have no experience making metal jewelry. i would appreciated if someone could show me how.

as for compensation, i would rather trade than pay. i can't list all the things i can give. for a start, i can give you some nice spiders (not hobo nor brown recluse). they are really fun to watch when they fight. as far as i can tell, there are at least fifty adults feeding and breeding in the corridor. the best is for me to get to know you so i know what you want in return. :-)

Trading stuuf / I'm sorry :(

I'm sorry i started this whole tradng controversy! I prefer to give stuff to people I know (people in the LJ community) than strangers at Craigslist. And when I try to give stuff away for free, my wife says "You should get at least *something* for it", so I offer a pseudo-trade like what they do for G-Mail (which is actually what I was hoping to get in the first place - A GMail account). Is it my fault that people offered me things much better than GMail?

So to anyone who was offended by my post, I'm really very sorry and I just won't offer anyone anything any more. I thought people in this community would *like* the opportunity to get something for nothing (or for stuff you just want to get rid of anyway), but I was wrong. Anybody who *does* want my leftover trading stuff every once in a while, just go ahead and Friend me, and I'll post my trades to my own journal instead, probably about once every week or so. Concert tickets, movie posters, movie passes... all sorts of stuff that *will* go to the best offer, regardless of how crappy it may be.

So far, the best offer for the 60's Pop Reunion at the White River Amphitheater is someone will cut my arm off with a lightsaber. I sure am gonna miss having two arms :(
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I am in the process of re-doing the rockery outside of our house. It has a couple nice 4' tall, 15' long rock walls made up of random medium sized rocks, from about 15 to 200lbs (I'm guessing) But there are some gaps in it, and a few other places I could use some rocks in the yard. Does anyone have a pile of rocks they want to be rid of, or know where I could get some without paying much at all? Will trade for beer. Any size is good, up to what I could lift and/or roll myself (probably 100+lbs or so.) Round river rocks or jagged ones are fine, and interesting colors and shapes would be a plus. Thanks!

Exit, stage left

As I stated in one of my last posts, I unfortunately haven't the real time to spend tending to the community these days, no where near as much as I first did when evan handed the place over to me. That being said, I'm handing this community off to one of the other moderators [he's already been informed and will make a post, later, I'm sure]. I'll still be around to help out when/where I can, just not in the same capacity.

You kids play nice now.