August 23rd, 2004

Poetry Tomorrow!

Ladies and Gents...Hotwire Steam and Stew open poetry night, hosted by Moi, is TOMORROW! Please come listen to some great poetry, OR...READ SOME!

7:00 P.M.-Close (tenish) 15th Ave. NE, at 177th NE in Shoreline.

Dye Pins

I recently bought a really cool skirt at goodwill. It wasn't until I had taken it home and taken off the goodwill tags that I realized it still had one of those exploding anti-theft dye pins in it. I really like this skirt and bought it legally. I was wondering if anyone new some place to get it removed which wouldn't think I was a shoplifter, or wouldn't care. Thanks.
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Goat Rental question

Does anyone know of a service or a person who rent out goats for a few days? We've got a really bad himalayan blackberry and english ivy situation in our backyard and a goat or two would be the perfect way to take care of them in no time at all. There's no real need to worry about it eating anything else since other than a tall plum tree there's really nothing else back there.

Drug bust?

Hey, do any of you guys who hang out around Pike/Pine hear about a big drug bust last week? Like in the music community? I was hearing rumors...just wondered if anyone else had...very strange.

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Attention all bikers...

Meet us THIS friday for a ride through Seattle city streets!!

The last friday of every month brings the critical mass bike ride through the streets of Seattle. We are a group of bikers that ride together, taking over a few lanes of traffic to raise awareness about bikers rights and to encourage drivers to use other forms of transportation.

We meet at 5:30 at Westlake. All you need is a bike, so come join us! It's really fun, safe AND legal. : )

If you are near the u district area, we meet at 5 pm in red square to ride down to westlake together.

Read here for more info.
So THAT'S where babies come from!

Tattoo removal

I checked the memories and found several recommendations for tattoo/piercing parlors, but not one for tattoo removal. Has anyone here had a tattoo removed in the Seattle area? Was it affordable? Thorough? Tell me about it - any feedback would be appreciated.

And the winner is...

Congratulations to spazzychic, who offered me a stack of her extra cards from Magic: The Gathering. She won the year membership to the EMP! Spazz, mail me at so we can arange the exchange!

And thank you to everyone else who entered. I will admit that my desire to help my fellow man was completely and totaly squashed by my own personal greed. I'm sorry :(
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Seattle Grief Support?

i checked the memories but didn't find anything..

does anyone have any information on grief support groups and/or counseling? my mom passed away in late april and all the info i have found for grieving support in seattle is for parents who have lost a child and well, i need that in reverse. also, has anyone ever volunteered for a hospice in the area? i guess i'm just looking for any info on support for this situation in seattle. thanks so much!

FREE broken fax machine

It conked out the other day. I think the power supply is bad, because it starts up fine and works for a random number of seconds until it stops working and just goes tik tik tik tik tik tik tik and the display and all the lights turn off. Uses thermal paper, of which I have a ZILLION (okay, five) unused rolls which also go with it. FREE to anyone who wants it and responds before I throw it in the trash this afternoon or tomorrow morning or something. Maybe you can fix it! Pick it up by arrangement in the U. District.
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I think someone posted about this somewhat recently but I can't find it anywhere.  I'm moving and I need a bunch of medium sized boxes, preferrably for free.  Does anyone work somewhere that gets large shipments and could maybe tuck some of the boxes aside for me?
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lj community for seattle jews

I did an interests search for "judaism" and checked the community related memories, but I didn't find one. Does anyone know of an lj community for Jewish people in Seattle that may have escaped my notice?

I don't really have any desire to start and moderate one m'self, I was just curious.
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Brock's Bill

[Poster's note: I am passing this info along because a very good friend of mine was a victim of Trooper Crandall's poor driving record. She was seven months pregnant when the trooper rear-ended her. I've put most of the info behind the cut, so as not to offend anyone.]

Get “Killer” Trooper Crandall Off the Road, Fire the Leadership Responsible

We Have a Management Problem.

Because of poor management the Trooper is still on the road today! We are now calling for the immediate resignation of the Washington State
Patrol leaders that have let this go on too long. No one else with 6 accidents in 20 months would have a drivers license, let alone a professional driving job.

For more Info:

Collapse )

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Two questions:

a. What are some of your favorite songs?
b. Do you have any magazines you wouldn't want? In particular I'm looking for the teen-type magazines, J-14, Girl's life, Cosmo Girl (2003 and further back), Seventeen (2003 and further back), Teen, Teen People, heck even Allure or any of the beauty magazines would be appreciated. If you do have some of these magazines to get rid of, I'd be interested in buying them. ((I cut pictures I like out and make collages and post them on my wall... yeah I'm a dork))

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Arts In Nature Festival THIS WEEKEND!

From the latest announcement sent to The Cabiri mailing list...

Hello Friends,

We just want to remind you all that the Arts In Nature Festival is this weekend at Camp Long in West Seattle.

There are performances and art installations happening Saturday evening from 6-9pm and all day Sunday. For schedule and festival details, visit the festival web site.

The Cabiri will be teaming up with Raqs Halim on Saturday evening from 8-9pm to bring a mixture of dance, acrobatics, storytelling and fire performance to the main stage at the festival. Don't miss this one! A $5 donation per person is suggested.

See you all there!

The Cabiri
~*Performative Mythology since 1998*~
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apartment and bus questions

my partner and I are moving up here and its up to me (who is the only one available to come up prior to the first of the month) to find a place for us to live. He is going to working at the whole foods in Ravenna as he just got a transfer from his job.

I need an apartment in a neighborhood that is both going to be affordable and easy to get to and from by either bus or bike ot the Ravenna/Roosevelt area.


we need a two bedroom that would take a small dog for a $1000 or less plus has W/D, or W/D hook-up

So my question is what neighborhoods can be bussed to and from Ravenna that aren't actually Ravenna because that neighborhood is way pricey.

any ideas? do you live in a good complex you could recommend? We have a 8 year old too, so good school and such is a bonus for sure.

I am checking the paper and Craigslist like mad but its hard when I don't know Seattle that well.

I have until the first of september to figure this out. Yikes!

thanks in advance.
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Does anybody know where I could get some Avon Skin-So-Soft on short order? We desperately need some to ward off mosquitos for our performance here in West Seattle on Saturday evening and I don't know any Avon sellers in town.

Thanks in advance!
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booze !

i know how to use a phone book but for some reason, at least two from there don't exist any more and there is at least one other i know of that isn't listed, so i thought i'd see if posting here could turn up a few extras. soo...

liquor/booze stores in north/central seattle, go !