August 22nd, 2004

Sea dragon

Need suggestions on contractors for leaky basements

We woke up this morning to find water seeping from the wall in our basement in several different places. We're both total idiots when it comes to home repairs more extensive than what you can fix with a glue gun and we want to hire someone to come fix this problem. I'm kind of scared of how much it might cost. Any suggestions on who we should call?
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I already checked the memories section about this, but I couldn't find what I was looking for.

Does anyone know of an open gym with volleyball nets? My friend and I want to practice volleyball for our school season outside of school but we don't know where to go- or if there is even anywhere with an "open gym" for volleyball players.

Any help would be appretiated!
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Where are fun places to go for a 15 year old in seattle that don't involve spending money? I'm broke :'( and it seems like everything costs. Preferably something inside, cause you can never tell about the weather in seattle.
House-Wilson Revenge

If your giving away the following items, email me please..

I live in the South Hill/Puyallup Area, I would be more then happy to give someone gas money if they where A. Giving Away these Items. B. Could deliver them, Even if you cant deliver, please email me!

I am looking for..

A Couch
Patio Furniture
Rocking Chair

Also looking for a Puppy for my son, looking for Male Puppy. Non Lap Dog.

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Does anyone know where I can find Tea Berry gum by Clarks in this city?

It looks like this Collapse )

I'm having the hardest time finding it and as much as I enjoy having friends from South Carolina send it to me . . .

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So, I'm moving into my appartment in Seattle on the 27th, and my 18th birthday is 4 days later. My plan of action is go run out and get pierced and buy a pack of luckies on my birthday, so would anyone reccomend a good piercing place? Something other than a seedy hole in the wall would be nice. Sterile and all that good rubbish.

Thanks in advance.
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