August 21st, 2004

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Living In Greenwood


I am sorry if this is already in the memories section, I have looked through it a few times and didn't find exactly what I wanted.

So I was looking at apartments, and found a pretty nice one in north greenwood, on greenwood ave. I was wondering if it would be too far away from the action to live here? Does anyone else go downtown from greenwood? How about to UW? Do you mind the commute? Also, is it safe to walk around greenwood at night or is its proximity to aurora dangerous.

Another Q. Do any of you use seattle's taxi service late at night after you have been at the bars/clubs? I found online that the drop was 1.80 and 1.80 per mile which doesn't seem unreasonable if you can split it w/ 2 or three people. Is it even feasible to take a cab from downtown to greenwood late at night? Sorry for being such a novice.

Thanks for your input!
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I was looking through the memory section about employment in Seattle and couldn't find anything really about this year.

I was wondering how people are faring with job searching compared to last year. I am moving to Seattle in 9 days and still haven't found work yet. Before you give me the lecture don't move here cause there are no jobs, I am from Portland and unemployed so I am actually in a worse situation here than up there for unemployment according to the bureau of labor statistics. (seattle: 5.9%, Portland 6.8%) I have to live in city because my partner just got transfer to Seattle and commutes via bike.

I keep hearing how important it is to have a degree up there, but I have a bachelors in sociology which I don't know how far that will get me.

So how are you other job searchers or recent searchers doing? Any advice on where to look besides Craigslist or the paper?
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Fresh, Drippy Peaches

If you like fresh peaches..the kind you need to eat naked because the juice drips down your chin and neck...the kind that perfume the air with their luscious scent...the kind that make you feel like you're making love when you eat them....

Go to the Greenlake PCC. They have the most amazing, fuzzy, luscious peaches. They are ready to eat. I just ate one and was transported to the Land of Sensual Delights.

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I've done some math regarding Ichiro possibly breaking George Sisler's 1920 record of 257 hits in a season. These do not include today's game (he's 3 for 4 so far).


1. He plays all remaining games. He's only missed one so far, though occasionally those are only because he gets one pinch-hit at-bat.
2. He has the same number of at-bats per game as his average so far (4.37).

With these, in order to get 257 hits, he must get 65 more in 42 games, which comes to 1.5 hits per game in 183 at-bats. This would be a .355 pace for the rest of the season.

As an extra, I wondered if he could end up hitting .400 for the season. To do this, with the same assumptions above, he'd have to get 90 more hits, for 282 total, at an average of 2.1 per game. This would be a .489 average for the rest of the season.