August 18th, 2004

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There's yet another social networking service called i-Neighbors, made to foster the community in your neighborhood. I started one up for Capitol Hill, so feel free to join it, or start one up for your own neighborhood. Spread the word about these communities, since they only work if a lot of people join them. Enjoy!

You can find your local community or create a new neighborhood at To join the Capitol Hill neighborhood, follow these steps:
1) Join I-Neighbors at
2) Go to
3) From the menu on the right, click on JOIN THIS NEIGHBORHOOD

To start a new i-Neighborhood, just create an account and find or create another neighborhood.

(PS. I'm always confused about Capital vs Capitol, but the chamber of commerce uses the latter, so that's what I went with).

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Okay Seattle dog lovers, help me out here. I just moved up to Tukwila from Orlando, and I can't find a store that sells decent quality food for my dog!
Petsmart doesn't carry the brand that I was feeding her. (Solid Gold). I refuse to feed her a crappy kibble filled with by-products and god knows what, so I've had to go back to feeding her Nutro Natural Choice, which isn't horrible, but it's not Solid Gold.
Surely I can't be the only one concerned about their pets tell me, where can I get quality dog food?

(and yes, i'm aware that i am a huge loser)

Alone [by me]

Flextime vs. Overtime

Flextime vs. Overtime
I thought I'd pass along this little radio program info that you can listen to any time over the web. I just got this myself, so I'm posting not more than five minutes after I got it via e-mail.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

NPR's The Conversation with Ross Reynolds
1 pm Pacific KUOW 94.9 FM (Seattle) or listen live or archived later in the day at:
The Conversation archive
Call-in numbers
206 543 5869 (Seattle)

By law, private hourly workers get paid time and half for overtime. But what if you could get flex time instead of overtime? What if you could work more than 40 hours one week but take those hours off the following week? The Bush administration is proposing just such a change in labor law. They argue flex time would be a family friendly. But some labor unions say the change would just be a way for companies to avoid paying time and a half for overtime. Would you prefer flextime or overtime pay? Call in your thoughts before the show to The Conversation feedback line, 206 221 3663 or send e-mail to Join us on the air by calling 206 543 KUOW or 1 800 289 KUOW

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Sorry for x-posting to a few communities.

Favorite Teriyaki Place

Didn't find this post in memories although I might have missed it. I'd have to say my favorite is Yasuko's in West Seattle (by the entrance to the West Seattle bridge), I've heard the other location is run by mexican guys and isnt as good...?

Comment with your favorite place to get teriyaki.
today is the best day

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Heads up!

Howard Dean will be signing his book You Have the Power: How to Take Back Our Country and Restore Democracy in America at the University Bookstore on Tuesday, August 31st at 12:30 pm. It's a signing only, so he won't be giving a talk, but I figured some of you folks would be interested regardless.
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Indian buffets

I love Indian restaurants with all-you-can-eat lunch buffets. However, all the ones I've tried have interchangeable menus -- tandoori chicken masala, another meat dish, a spinach dish, a lentil dish, vegetables, and some other odds and ends. It's boring. I want to be able to go to different places and get a wider variety -- different regional and cultural styles and recipes, instead of the mainstream standards. Any suggestions for a restaurant with a more varied buffet selection?
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Alterations and panic.

Ok, I know there was a post a little while ago, but I can't seem to find it!!! AGGHH!

I need to have a Bridesmaids dress altered.

I also have no idea how long it will take, seeing as I leave in 2 weeks for the wedding, it needs to be pretty speedy, without being super expensive.

I already had to pay 550$ for a 200$ dress because the other bridesmaid took her sweet time in deciding, and so I had to pay rush fees, as well as shipping charges to get it from CA to her... just to go back to CA again. Arg.

So, please please tell me there is a really fantastic alteration place, that gets it done well, quickly, and inexpensively.

And, also, while I am at it... does anyone have a recommendation for some "under-riggin'." The dress is tea length and strapless... and I am going to need something sturdy up top, to keep from bustin' out in the middle of the wedding. o_O

Thank you!!!