August 17th, 2004

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real quick:

i need to find some old 50's movie posters that are larger than the standard size (think the movie posters that you see in subways that are quite largely sized) for sale in the seattle area. i went to old seattle paperworks down in pike place, and they re-routed me to the comic book/memorabilia/collectible shop down the ways in pike place, and they re-routed me to a poster store in pioneer square, but i lost the phone number to the place.

so, if anyone knows either
a. a good place to find such movie posters
b. the name of the poster store in pioneer square

thanks to all!

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Anybody know of a doctor who is pro-piercing? I have an infection that needs to be treated but most of the doctors I've heard of will make you take the bar out to treat it, and for the abscess I have that wouldn't make it heal right.
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Temp/Employment Agency Warnings/Suggestions?

I'm starting my office job search here in Seattle-for right now, just about anything will do while I'm stayin' w/ family and figuring out my career track-maybe do the grad school thing at Udub in a year. usual thing when I move to a town is to sign up w/ a whole buncha temp agencies while I send out other resumes via the classifieds/monster/etc.

Any warnings about BAD places? Any praise for especially helpful places?

I looked in "Memories" for the comm and am now scared shitless of "Addecco" and have to see if this "Molly Brown" place is still around.

I'm already gonna do the cattle call thing at Manpower and I have to get Volt's attention by EMAILING my resume and letters of recc. The "gatekeeper" at the phone wasn't the brightest bulb: y'know, she couldn't infer that experience in insurance offices, law offices, and human resources just might happen to incorporate "Customer Service skills." *slaps forhead*

Just venting-I know by experience that this will be a long and frustrating process....but if I could avoid the worst of it, I'd be oh so obliged.

One thing that I'd just love; being interviewed by someone over 30...40+ would be lovely. I mean, I have 20 years varied work experience so having an experienced person doing the interview can be easier.
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Any salon recommendations?

I'm looking for a salon where I can go in with no ideas, and just have the stylist do something w/ my hair that looks good, instead of just agreeing with whatever I say. Price doesn't matter because I just want a great hair style that will fit me. So any salons with the names of specific stylists would be great! Thanks a ton.
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Oh yeah : a tanning salon, a pizza parlor and another kinko's !!!! Now that's really going to improve my neighborhood a lot !!! What a bunch of shit...
I've lived on the hill since 94. I had a one bedroom for 450 when i first moved here ( ok so that was 10 years ago... ) .
There were always drugs addicts and freaks on Brodway. It's just that you notice them more when they are the only ones left.
When Eileen's closed was when the end of Broadway was for me ( and i don't even go to bars all that much... )

Let me tell you exactly what happened :
In 96-97 gentrification started happening to Braoadway. Espresso Roma closed and chains like Hollywoods burgers tried to get in. All the yuppies came to live on the hill, people got evicted from their homes so they could be turned into condos and everyone's rents doubled in a span of two years. That was when the dot coms were doing really well. Then, the dot coms crashed, all the yuppies moved away and we are still here, with sky rocket rents that won't come back down even though the neighborood is empty and boring.

I go to 15th. At least there is a bit of life there.
And yeah, where do I go when I need an extension cord or a fan ?
Walgreens, i guess, which replaced the old overpriced mercantile on 15th.

Let's not blame the homeless kids for the decay of the neighborhood.Once again, corporate greed is to blame. Nothing else.
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WANTED: DJ for SexLife and Sex-positive Club night

We are looking for a sex-positive dj, who is inspired by open talk about sex, sexuality and relationships to DJ for a sex positive club night following the talk show SexLife Live.

Can you lend the right atmosphere for fun, sexy people to hang out, get to know each other and talk?

Since this is a startup project, we are most interested in finding somebody who would be willing donate their time initially, with pay for spinning to start after the first 5 shows. We will be making our decision by 8/27/04, so contact
us ASAP. You will be asked to submit a sample tape or CD of music that you would play for our Sex-positive lounge night if you got the gig. Please email with questions.

Feel free to pass this on to anybody who might be interested.
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cheap pizza?

if we have very little money and want very cheap pizza, preferably delivered, do you have any suggestions for restaraunts who would be helpful with this?

thanks to the memories, we know where we can find deep dish pizza or deep dish pizza or vegan pizza or late night delivery, or where we can do dinner & dancing, but these are not what we are looking for. at the moment.

because we have no money. and would like pizza. preferably delivered.

again, do you have any suggestions?

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Foster care needed, and rummage sale this Sat. !

Interested in becoming a foster-care "parent" for sick or immature animals at Seattle's Animal Shelter?

To foster a cat/kitten please attend the next foster cat orientation which is the first Saturday of every month at noon in the shelter conference room upstairs. The foster cat orientations are free. They are located at 2061 15th Ave. W., one mile south of the Ballard bridge.

To become a foster home for a dog in need, please attend our Volunteer Orientation. The next Volunteer Orientation will be on Saturday, August 28th at noon and the North Seattle Community College in the Wellness Center Gym. For details call 615-0820 regarding the volunteer orientation.

Rummage Sale

Now here's a reason to go through your

The Anti-Cruelty team will be putting on it's annual rummage sale to raise money for the Help the Animals Fund.

We will be accepting donations of housewares, furniture, frames, jewelry and much much more at 8 a.m. on
Saturday, August 21st. (this coming Sat.)

The sale begins the same day at 11 a.m. and
runs until 4 p.m.

The Seattle Animal Shelter is located at 2061 15th Avenue West, approximately 1 mile south of the Ballard Bridge.