August 16th, 2004

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Considering moving to Seattle from Portland


I am eh originally from the country of Canada and am looking to move to a less *liberal* town. Seattle seems like a good choice as there appears to be more interest in the money and scene of looking good and I for one am all for such behavior. We live in a time when the left are amazingly squashing the movements of the right. Oppressing our rights and such. Portland is getting out of control and I really can't deal with the ethnic and defacto standards that exist within Portland.

My opinions and beliefs are such that apparently cannot co-exist in a left-wing, anti-american counter-culture. They speak in tongues and leave me spiteful messages on my doorsteps and I get unfriendly emails on more so than regular basis. Is Bush perfect? No! Neither am I and that says something abuot his integrity and they can't tolerate the truth.

What areas of Seattle are good for people who are understanding of the real issues that exist in the world and what are average price ranges in this areas?

Thank you!
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Kostume Kickball

Hopefully this won't seem too unrelated to the purpose of your community. However, if it does, I swear you simply must show up to this and you will understand how it relates. I ran into these kids last night, when they first told me of this. And now I'm here to spread the word!


Join The Journey From Pococurante!

Kostume Kickball
On the day of the full moon
Saturday, August 28th
*rendezvous at the volunteer park wading pool*

Dress up and be ready to frolic.
Afterwards: a psychogeographical adventure, and more...

For further contact, call the squid:

Apparently, this is just the beginning in something pretty astonishing...
But I'll let you find out for yourself :-).


(p.s. Your costume doesn't have to be a squid, it's just an event sponsored by a group called "squidlike")

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Hi everyone! I looked in the memories but didn't see a post. I was just wondering if any of you have lived or do live in The Wilsonian and if so, what do you think about it? I was just curious. Thanks!

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okay, call me crazy, but i remember a mnemonic device that was used to help remember the order of the streets in downtown seattle. i'm sure there are multiple ones, but the one i sort of remember had something about jesus making something. anyway, if someone wants to remind me of what it was, i would certainly appreciate it.

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GBLT with a voice? GBLT-friendly with a voice? Why not consider joining Seattle Lesbian and Gay Chorus?

SLGC is holding auditions for the upcoming season. Auditions will take place August 24th and 31st. If you are interested or even flirting with being interested, contact SLGC by phone (206-860-SLGC) or email info @ (take out the space).

If you have any questions about SLGC or concerns holding you back, leave a comment. There are copious members of SLGC already here in the Seattle community and I am certain we will be more than happy to assist you in anyway we can.

Thank you for your time!
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looking looking

so i'm looking for an apt/studio/loft.. somewhere in seattle for cheap.
i'm hoping for it to be big or open enough for me to be able to sculpt and paint without getting high off the chemical smells. and neighbors that aren't total bitches.
large windows would be great and if it had a nice view i might die with happiness, but thats asking the impossible.
so if anyone knows of some cheap apts/studios/lofts in the seattle area, please tell tell.

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Support a rising local author

I'll be posting more info soon but my uncle is a politician's letter writer. However, he is also, as of recently, a published author so I'm pitching for him. I read one of his drafts of the book a few years ago so I don't remember it entirely but It's about a closeted governor who gets into trouble. I just realized how eerily creepy that is considering NJ, if I hadn't read it when I did I would think it was based on that! Anyway, there's more info about it on his website and I will let you all know when it is out for purchase. It's worth the read and I can probably get you a signed copy :)
He's working on his second book which is completely different and hopefully less predictive now.

If this interests you then please copy and paste to wherever to promote the book!

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Mobile phone opinions - 2004

The latest entry in the memories about cell phone providers is from November of last year.

Knowing how fast this stuff changes, I'm looking for opinions on who has the best plans and why. Verizon is always said to be the best, but thanks to swingin' deals on phones we're looking at T-mobile. Thoughts?

Recommendations on phone manufacturers are welcome, too. Currently leaning towards a Motorola...

thanks in advance!
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Music-related question:
I've been out of the state for the past two years, so I'm trying to get back up to speed on the local music scene. I noticed a show listing in The Stranger for a band called "Staygold Ponyboy". Is this the same band who, two years ago, was just called "Staygold"? The band I recall was a hardcore group, I saw them at The Paradox a time or two.

Thanks, kids. :)