August 15th, 2004

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i went to the sam it everytime.

i didn't see van gogh (sp?) though...too expensive (i didn't pay anyhow, my b/f did).

was just curious if anyone saw the van gogh and wanted to tell me i totally missed somethin great hehe.


My most beloved pair of sunglasses died today and I have no idea where to get a new pair, seeing as how I purchased these in NYC (my hometown). They have been on their last...errr..arms for a while, and I have been keeping my eyes peeled for replacements but to no avail.

They are kinda buggy looking, but also a bit Jackie O--Big black frames--you know the stuff. Where can I find them!?!? Any help would be much appreciated!

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Is there a good time of year at Pike Place Market to go? I want to go when it's not so crowded. I hate crowds. I despise crowds. I have panic attacks in crowds. So it was somewhat a mistake for me to go a couple of days ago while lugging my broken foot around and having the night before forgotten to take my medicine.

However, is there a particular time of day or time of year that is best to go just to go and actually buy stuff as a non-Tourist?
I told my friend I can't wait until tourist season is over, and she told me it is never over. Damn her. Told her not to sink my ship. Can someone tell me that this is not the case? Please? I hate googly eyed people googling the goods and getting in my way when I'm on a mission to get something for somebody. I'll probably be going on a weekend (not a good idea, I know) during the school year (I can't come home otherwise.. I go to CWU).

Any comments are appreciated. I finally went to Pike Place Market for my first time on the same day that I mentioned above, and I've lived in Seattle for 11 1/2 years. :P Now don't go get all OMG like my friends that live here did when
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cheap places for extensions/weaves

Hi i need to know if anyone knows of someone relativly cheap to go to in the seattle area for eather extensions or weave. My friend is in the military and got a BAD haircut and needs to have her hair a certain length. (she has curly hair also) SoooOOoo im looking for someone in the seattle area that could do this!


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Does any one have an extra ticket (to sell) for Pink Martini - Zoo Tunes for this Wednesday?

We're a ticket short because I stupidly forgot that a friend of mine is coming to visit for a week, and the tickets have been sold out for months.

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Hi ... newbie

hi im single mom in seattle livin on 3rd near westlake mall. just lookin for cool people to hang out with. dont really know anyone here. my son is almost 9 months. anyways im just looking for people to hangout with. and stuff to do.
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good dr.s?

is anyone on dshs "healthy options" plan. i need to find a really good pediatrican close to 3rd and lenora i dont know which plan im gonna choose but i need to find a good dr for my son. right now we are seeing a nurse practcioner at the public health building. but im less than satisfide with her. i need a dr thats open to differnt views on vacines and immuninizations. my son has non and id like to keep it that way. my old pediatrican in mill creek was bomb but thats just too far to go! with a lil one on the bus!
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