August 14th, 2004

Paying Taxes = Good

I have a funeral to attend today in downtown Everett at 2PM. I don't own a car and cannot find a ride.

One would think that since downtown Everett is a pretty busy and central location (it's where CT is headquartered) I could get there pretty conveniently in two bus rides: Metro 358 to Aurora Village P&R and then some CT bus that would run right down 99/Evergreen to frickin' downtown Everett where I could get off and walk to where I need to be.

But no.

Metro's Trip Planner indicates the most convienent and timliest way I can get to downtown Everett by 1:30 is to begin my frickin' travels at 10AM and take a grand total of FOUR buses. At one stop where I'm supposed to get off, I would be required to actually walk (in a neighborhood I'm unfamiliar with) to another bus stop located on a different street to catch the next bus I need.

That is absolutely fucking ridiculous.
  • rhealz

old Roadhouse - Magnolia

I'm supposed to go to a show tonight at what I've been told is the old Roadhouse in Magnolia. I don't remember the old Roadhouse much less whatever has taken its place.

Can anyone help me out? What is it? Where is it?