August 13th, 2004


Seattle Music Fest @ Alki Beach Friday-Sunday


The 2004 Seattle Music Fest at Alki Beach
Location: Alki Beach Park, West Seattle
Dates: August 13, 14, and 15
Website: (directions, sound clips, and many other details found on the website) Hear Full Songs from the bands on:
Emergence Radio Northwest, playing SMF artists 24 hours a day online

Friday Aug. 13 in performance order starting at 4 p.m.
Chronic Disorder
Static Radio
Drop Six
Schoolyard Heroes
Post Stardom Depression (returning from SMF03)

Saturday Aug. 14 in performance order starting at 11:30 a.m. (crafts, food, and NBA displays at 11a.m., NBA activities at 12:30 p.m.)
Six Select
The Bradbury Press
Karma, PREVIEW show (visiting from South Africa in their first Northwest show, with several #1 and #2 singles and winner of S.A.equivalent of the Grammy's)
Nuffsed (returning from SMF03)
Cee-Lo (from the Goodie Mob, returning from SMF03)
Aqueduct The Moment (visiting from L.A., first Seattle show)
The Ruby Doe (returning from SMF03)

Sunday Aug. 15 in performance order starting at 12 p.m. (crafts, food, and NBA displays at 11a.m., NBA activities at 12:30 p.m.)

Reed (formerly Plum St.)
Vast Capital
Glorious (includes members of Carrie Akre's band for those who were at SMF03)
Blue Sky Mile
Graham Travis Edisyn (returning from SMF02)
Quasi Nada with guest Cee-Lo Karma (full show, see description on Sat. above)
Mike Doughty with guests (lead singer from Soul Coughing, with Seattle favs.
Michael Stegner, PK, and Kevin Sawka)

The NBA will also be on-site again this year, providing basketball activities, demonstrations, and contests. Some NBA & WNBA players will probably stop by, too!

Thanks to our sponsors, Sprite, GHCU, KNDD 107.7 the End, NBA Rhythm 'n Rims, EMP, Little Nickel, Duke's Chowderhouse and the many other businesses and individuals who have helped.

Thank you all for continuing to support art and artists through NPA.

We hope you'll introduce a few friends to the festival this year and look forward to a great 9th year.

Adam Sheridan
Executive Director, Northwest Programs for the Arts

herpes: paris
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If you’re from Seattle and are given to spending evenings with scissors, thread, needles, brushes, inks, cameras, and garage sale cast-offs—if you spill yourself into art / craft / writing / fashion / photo / performance / music but crave a breakthrough, now’s the time to represent.

I'm organizing a band of burgeoning artisans to meet, discuss, collaborate, network, showcase, activate, support, collect, decipher, disrupt, and disperse.


will begin meeting informally in September at an inconspicuous locale to erupt into action immediately. We will take our cue from Medieval craft guilds, whose initial purpose was:

  • to associate person engaged in similar occupations and interests.

  • to protect mutual interests and maintain standards.

  • to demand a share in civic matters through the development and influence of skills.

With that in mind, I invite anyone interested to e-mail []. Tell me your name, your story, your interests, your pursuits. Fags, hags, and stags are encouraged, naturally.

The Guilded Thimble Clan is about gravity, facility, and accountability, but not exclusivity. Let's keep our trade rough.

Prick it. Push it on through.

Graduate School

Okay, I am probably a retard for asking this, but what schools in or around Seattle have good graduate programs? I'm trying to decide where to go.

Additionally, how in hades do you figure out how to get UW to send you more information? I've been hunting that site all morning and found nothing.
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Hospitals and ob/gyns

Hello! My husband and I found out a couple of days ago that we are expecting a baby in early May. :)

I just wanted to check out some opinions about hospitals and obs. Personally, I would prefer to deliver at Swedish, but it is farther away from my house. Hubby's choice is Evergreen (technically closer), and I really like the practioners at A Woman's Clinic at Evergreen. But, i'm open to suggestions.

So my two questions:

1. If you have delivered, do you prefer Evergreen or Swedish?

2. Ob recommendations that are accepting new patients?

Thank you!
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Seattle Music Fest?

Does anyone know whether the Seattle Music Fest is affected by the shutdown of certain parts of Alki due to the hypodermic needles washed up there?

I've never been to the festival, so I don't know much about its layout.


needed: cheap replacement auto mirror

The passenger-side mirror on my '97 Taurus has been knocked off. I want to fix it as cheaply as possible. Function is all that matters--I don't even care if the new parts' colours don't match the door.

(hell, if they don't match in a sporty way, maybe I'll paint the driver-side mirror the same way.)

Can anyone suggest a cheap place to get this done? Back home, I'd go to the local garage/scrapyard and get it fixed with scavenged parts, but I'm totally urban now and I have no idea where to find stuff like that in the Seattle area.


electronics repair shops...

Does anyone know of a good electronic repair place around the capitol hill/belltown/downtown area, preferably with knowledge of things besides TV's and VCRs.

The headphone jack on my mp3 player came loose, and now I only get sound out of one of the channels. I need music!!! Thanks!


For all you people who have been wanting to try out the Comcast high-speed internet thing but were put off by the nearly $50 a month you need to pay for the service, you might want to give it a try now. They have a "Summer Blowout" promotion going on where it costs only $14.99 a month for the rest of the year, plus you get a free self-install kit. No commitment, no contract... just try it out for the next 4 months for the same price as most dial-up services! As far as I have been able to tell, you ALSO get a free webcam, 6 months of the Comcast "Rhapsody" service (think iTunes), and three months of "Game Pass" (think RealArcade), all for FREE.

SO! Even if you *do* have to sign up for basic cable television (the $15 a month version), you're talking $30 a month total. So why not give it a try?
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Chimney Sweeps

Does anyone know any good chimney sweeps in the Seattle area? We just moved into a house with an insert and would like to get the chimney swept before the weather turns cold and we need to use our furnace.

(no subject)

Is Bush already here? It's like an insane scene from a movie- SWAT, Army vehicles, about 18 different police cars, police mini-vans, helicopters shouting down orders...I thought he wasn't due in Redmond until this weekend? Part of the Redmond Towne Center was blocked off, too...
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