August 11th, 2004



Many of you are familiar with Dane Ballard's show SexLife. Last night there was a very exciting event to get people together to plan the live version of the show.

In my position as Club Liaison I will be coordinating closely with Connor and Jason in addition to Dane. What I would like to ask of everybody is to put a shout out for people that would be interested in being Staff for the show and club night to follow. Right now I am primarily interested in the DJ and door positions. However, feel free to throw any input my way.
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[8.11.04] Ragga Mashup - Safari Jungle Monthly Decim8 Rama Journee
Here we go. Blazing the decks from DC:

DECIM8 - Jungle.One - District of Decimation!
Decim8 a.k.a Peter Lynch has an itch to scratch and he's gonna do it at Safari. Seamlessly Blending Hip Hop and Turntablism with DnB a crowd favorite, don't miss a rare Seattle performance.

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Hey if you're around the ages 17-30 or something and you live in Seattle, Bellevue, Renton, Bellingham, etc...anywhere in Washington (or even Portland or up in BC)...then join this community!! godblessseattle is for Christians livin' in the area of up, talk about God, local Christian concerts, etc. Please join today!


where in the seattle area can you get livestrong bracelets? i was told niketown and foot locker were sold out, and i'm not really sure what other places would have them. i'd buy them on ebay, but people are trying to profit from them and i think that sucks. anyway, if anyone has tips, that would be great. thanks!

Hard drive issues for a friend

The exact nature of the problem -

The hard drive doesn't spin. It gets no power. Isn't recognized by the mother board. Power supply blew apparently. Must have been a surge. They said at the place he took it "somebody needs to take it apart and take out the inside and put it in another hard drive to get the info....". This would cost around 700 dollars.

Does anyone have any less expensive suggestions?
He has a lot of valuable portfolio pieces on the drive. Ugh.
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Car Wash Sunday!

Rat City Rollergirl Carwash THIS Sunday!
We'll shine your metal on Sunday, August 15th (2:00 - 6:00 p.m.) at the Funhouse Tavern: 206 5th Ave North (206) 374-8400.

That's right, have a rollergirl wash your neglected jalopy (cars, trucks, motorcycles, name it!) while you peruse our hot rollergirl merchandise (tee shirts, tank tops, stickers and temp. tattoos!). Enjoy the live DJ action, featuring DJ Taco Supreme. Got no wheels? C'mon by anyhoo and make a donation to the cause, check out the happenin drink specials prepared by the skilled Funhouse bar staff, or sample some nosh from the menu! See you there!

For more information about the Rat City Rollergirls, visit

Also watch the rcrg community.

x-posted: High Speed 'net

I pre-apologize if this has been asked recently, but i didn't see it in teh last few weeks.

I've got a question that i need you all to answer for me...

i know most of you out there in the seattle area, use broadband internet. I need to know - is comcast worth it?

I've heard lots of terrible things about them, their connection, and their customer service. Not to mention taht they are CABLE, and cable can get bogged down in areas with high-usage (like, say, across the street from a college campus? haha.) John and my new APT complex has a deal with them, but it's like $5 cheaper than normal, so whatever. The promotion isn't exactly a selling point for me.

So here's the deal - Here's comcast's prices:

IF we get Basic Cable for $40 a month (ugh - SO expensive!), then we can get Cable 'Net for $20/month, but then it goes up to $45/month after 3 months. So a yearly cost on that is: $945

So if we opt out of the cable, we save outselved the $40 a month, but the 'net goes up $10 to $30 and $55, respectively - Yearly cost on that is: $585.


I've heard for a LOT of people about this company called Speakeasy. They offer a "OneLink" DSL right now for $55.95 a month. Now - first of all, this is a cool deal beacause it's a GUARENTEED 1.5mbps download, and GUARENTEED 256mb upload speed (DSL doesn't have the same bogging problem Cable does), AND this is a new data-only DSL that doesn't require an existing phone line subscription to be present (which is good because John adn I both use our cell phones and don't need to pay ~$40 a month for a land line). Yearly cost on this one is: $671.40

What i need to know is this: Is the extra money per month worth it for a guarenteed speed, good customer service, and a trouble-free connection? I think it is. I haven't had a chance to discuss this with john, but he's welcome to reply to this post too. ;)

And secondly, is there another service i should check out that may be cheaper/have better service? I'm open to suggestion.

:) Thanks, everyone!

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      Anyone know where a good place to watch the meteor shower
      would be tonight?
      Also, what time is the best viewing supposed to be?
      It differs every year, so any info. would be great!

      Thanks. ♥
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Pain Clinic

I was wondering if any of you wonderful people has a recommendation for a Pain Clinic in Seattle. Also, what was your experience with them? This is specifically for TMJ/TMD problems.


Ok, don't hate me...

Are there any traditional Vietnamese food restaurants in Seattle or Bellevue?

I mean, there are Pho places all over the state... but, are there any GOOD places that serve things that are not Pho? Like... banh xeo (insert accents where needed)?
Anything that would compare to mom's cooking?

There are plenty of Pho recommendations in the memories section, which I may have to check out soon, but no traditional Vietnamese cuisine recommendations.

I miss my mom's cooking. :( I'm sure she would make me something, but she is in Vietnam, and I don't think I want to imagine what food would look/taste like after that trip to WA. o_O