August 9th, 2004


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Mars Hill Church.

tell me about this place...I would kind of like to find a church when I move to Seattle, and have heard good things about it...but the website made it seem kinda...I don't know, cultish?.

RE: Seattle Snobbery (ok,it turned rambly -oops)

I've decided to write a letter (maybe not this long version) asking the general Seattle population to confront their fears of people with visible disabilities - before I have to deal with them while they are working & later call their bosses and complain. I decided to write something here first because people seem pretty straight forward & friendly, but at the sametime I've only met only one person in the past year who I can count on to return my e-mails and be welcomed to her studio. I've heard everybody has trouble making friends in Seattle & I'd rather have a few or even just one trusted friend then an army of hipster acquantences. However, I still wonder what is wrong with people who offer to show someone around Seattle over the internet, then refuse upon discovery that they walk slow.

I know of 14 women in Seattle that I don't want to know and it's a bit humourous in a slapstick way - the panic of coffee with someone who can't rock climb.

It's amazing what people will do when they think no one will notice - but I notice being yelled at when calling the Fremont news for a camera to take pictures of the nude & blue bikers (I have a speech impairment that 99.8% of people seem fine with but those .02% folks can really foul a girl's day)

People's hatred of people with disabilities is filling me with hate. I do not want to turn into the kind of person that thinks less of a person because they surrvived being hit by a drunk driver or a violent criminal attack. Perhaps that person you are are hurting was injured in war they didn't want to fight or just plain wore out. I moved here on Seattle's queer friendly, artistic, laid back reputation, hoping to find a nice accessible live/work space or such. But if I tried to get married here I'm certain the preacher would stop the ceremony to ask me "what happened to you?" while some random strange ran forward to catch me while I leaned to kiss my bride saying that they thought I might fall. Then the next day the newspaper headline under a photo of the kiss would read *people with disabilities DO have sexualities. But in reality, as I use Access, I might not have made it to the chapel.

But rarely can I leave my apt without some random naked woman jumping in my shower at Queen Anne's pool or some random little ole lady attempting to adjust my posture at Cafe Appasionato in Magnolia (they had decided to "help" me). Of course, these two neighborhoods are better known as snobby and rich and it's true I can walk down the street or enter business in less expensive, friendly Greenlake and people don't fall off the curb in confusion over how to pass me on the sidewalk.

Perhaps Scarlet O'hara can be dependant on the kindness of strangers but I can't. My speech is slurry when I'm tired (half paralyzed vocal chords) & I'm sick of things like calling Mad Pizza for a delivery and being told that I cannot live at my address (a well known over priced building where my manager asks me how I bathe and the staff continuously enter without notice, to "help" me perhaps).

Anyway, I'm not going to finish it as soapboxes take so long and I'll need to make it short & sweet. & most people here are great it seems - but I got so much less random disability garbage in San Francisco, got it there too - don't know why...but naked women jumpin in my shower to help me, that's just bizarre

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Hello everyone, I am interested in volunteering at a human rights organization. Can anyone suggest any places to go that they have enjoyed working at, or have heard positive things about? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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I had never really been to Wallingford until a few weeks ago, when I saw a movie at Guild 45th, and had an opportunity to walk around the neighborhood. I was really surprised and impressed. For anyone who lives there, or is familiar with the area, what is it like to live there? If I decide to move closer to UW, would Wallingford be a good neighborhood for a student to live in? Any input would be really appreciated. Thanks!

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Random question. I have been looking EVERYWHERE for a popsicle tray and can't find one. I've looked at supermarkets, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Bartells, Target and Fredmeyer. Does anyone off hand know where i can find one? I really want to make popsicles!
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does anyone know of any runaway homes or cheap housing? im seventeen and was just kicked out of my house. im at my friends for the time being, yet, i can only ask so much of a friend. any suggestions? thanks. i apreciate it.
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I just moved back to the Seattle area after living out of state for a few years. While I was an ex-patriate, I turned 21, and discovered the joy of karaoke. I had my favorite karaoke bar where I used to live, and I've been wanting to find one around here. Plusses are: good songbook, nice atmosphere, minimum amount of drunk college students singing "I Touch Myself".

Any suggestions?
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