August 8th, 2004

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only assholes hit-and-run

Tonight, I witnessed something that made me lose faith in humanity.
Walking in Queen Anne, my sister and I were waiting for a crosswalk. A red VW beetle came careening down Harrison and turned right onto Queen Anne. Apparently they didn't realize it's a one way street going the other way, but they figured it out pretty quickly when they collided head-on with a little hatchback. Backing up, the car immediately sped away, leaving the poor people in the hatchback with the front of their car destroyed. Judging from their California plates and the "snail" carrier on top, I'd say the victims were on vacation. Nice thing to happen on vacation, eh?

So, if any of you see a red Volkswagen beetle with the front right side smashed up, and the license plate 526-JMT, give them the finger for me.

edit: Since a lot of people asked and I don't want to have to reply to each and every comment, yes, the police were informed. We stopped by the car to make sure the driver was okay, and a few other people had already offered to stay with him and be witnesses, and they had gotten the license plate number as well. At least passersby in Seattle are good samaritans, even if they drivers aren't!
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Where the Seattle would you print a few CD labels? :)

I'm about to take a longish car trip to the East Coast; I'm interested in giving away some software along the way; specifically, copies of TheOpenCD. If you're unfamiliar with TheOpenCD (and use still use Windows, or know anyone who does), it's worth checking out for some good Free/Open Source software that frees the user from certain perceived tyrannies, like "I need Word to create or edit Word files." :) Below the cut I explain better what I'm looking for, but it can be summed up: Can you trust any local shop to print adhesive CD labels, and do adhesive CD labels suck anyhow?

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Oh, darn.

A Texan fundie breeder tells the Seattle Times Letters To The Editor that he won't move to Seattle because we're too GAY-friendly and he doesn't want his CHYLLLLDRUN exposed to us heathens:

"As a father, and a Christian, I find it disheartening and shortsighted for Washington state and its courts to allow gay and lesbian marriages. As a result, I have written off offers to come to Seattle. I am a professional who would have added much to your community. I as well as many others in my profession have little or no use for communities that do not display heterosexual family values.

In these days of over-tolerance, allowing this behavior to go unchallenged is the same as agreeing with it. I do not, and I will not expose my family to this aberrant behavior. Families need to stand up and be recognized, and not accept the "politically correct," non-Christian party line. I no longer care if its "cool" or not to accept this in my community. It's not cool, its not right, and I will not send a message to my children or my grandchildren that it is.

I hope Washington state wakes up and realizes that marriage is a religious ceremony, and as such is a covenant between man and woman, and God. This is not taken lightly. Like it or not, homosexuality is a sin, and an abomination before God. We are taught to hate the sin, but love the sinner. Note that we do not embrace the sin. Deal with it.

— Clifford James, Fort Worth, Texas"

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I wrote this in my last journal entry, and a few people loved it, and encouraged me to post it here just for kicks. I hope it doesnt' count as off-topic, but if so I understand. Enjoy (or hate, it's all good).

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In Seattle, you don't need a reason to drink coffee. Most people will talk about how that "first cup of the day" will get them awake, or how (oddly enough) taking a break in the afternoon with a nice cupajava is all they need to relax and calm the fuck down. For them, coffee serves some kind of purpose as a part of their day or routine or whatever the hell they happen to call it.

Not so for Seattlites. Must be something about the french fies in tartar sauce, or the rain. Maybe we just got bored of being regcognized as that... place.. where that... guy... who unleashed Microsoft on the world calls home, and decided we wanted some other gimmick to be identified by. Whatever the case, coffee for us isn't a beverage, it's a uniform.

I can't particularly say that I feel any more awake or relaxed after my double-tall-lite-extra-foam-vanilla-latte-with-just-the-right-amount-of-cinnamon (although triple-grandes at fourteen probably have something to do with my non-hereditary dwarfism) which I have been convinced paying four bucks for is a good thing, but I do feel like one hell of a Seattlite whilst lounging around with my caffeine IV unit. I mean, look at me, people, I've got my mug, my ostentatiously large muffin, and foam on my upper lip. How could I not be from Seattle?! Screw you Californians, with your tans and your movie-star style. Screw your Floridians, with your Miami Beach-bodies, crack addicts, and old people who don't know how to vote. Screw you Midwesterns, with your honest-American values and bass fishing. Screw you Texans, with your stupid-sounding drawls and your death penalties. Screw you other Southerners, with your right-wing fundamentalism and your... not Texas-ness (hell what do I know about the South??). Screw you New Englanders, with your crisp Ralph Lauren autumns and your Landmarks of American History. Definitely screw you New Yorkers, with your... everything. We're Seattle, dammit! We've got fish! And tree-huggers! And an exploding train-thingy of death! And HUGE nerds! And a library designed by some guy with a really cool last name! And dumb bastards running our sports teams! Most of all, we've got coffee! And furthermore, we let all of you borrow it! And we're damn proud of what we've got.

So drink hearty, Seattle. Stand tall and proud (well, one out of two ain't bad) and carry your paper cups boldly, so you can take a sip and look preoccupied when one of the panhandlers asks you for money, even though you know damn well you've got 82 cents change from when you bought the damn thing..
And screw the Californians again, we still really hate those fucks.
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