August 6th, 2004


In the Square...

Drove through Pioneer Square last night around midnight-ish.

about five thousand guys in sailor suits running around all over the place.

Seafair has begun. The town will become flooded with people from all over. looking for parking, food, places to crash. ( Translation: Where to find hookers and blow)

I shall be taking the advice of the Immortal Philosophers known collectively as Iron Maiden, and "Run to the Hills"
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callin all goth hippies..

Yo, I'm traveling back in time to 1994 to see Sky Cries Mary at the Fenix tonight. I was one of those disgustingly crazed fans back in the day, and I just have to go.

Did anyone here used to be on the SCM email list?
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Stolen from Qweerdo Hyperbole and a Half

Not everything about last night sucked.

DJ Ogre, of Clown College, asked me to pass this message along to the clowns who showed up last night.

You guys rocked and were appreciated! You brought some fun into what was a kind of maudlin night. He would very much like for you all to come back.

Thanks for being there and being kooky.
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where to see blue angels for free

My grandma wants to go see the blue angels this weekend without having to pay ticket fees (and also avoiding some of the traffic). Any recommendations on places to watch them while avoiding the mess? She lives in Ballard so somewhere easy to get to from there is preferred.

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it's a rush...

hey all... I just got a job in seattle and I'm going to be picking up and moving there from 1700 miles away. they want me there by 8/23, so everything is crazy. I have NO IDEA where to look for an apartment. I'm thinking I'd like to live on my own - all I need is a small one bedroom or studio apartment. I don't even have any furniture!

can anyone recommend a decent area? where should I be concentrating my efforts? my budget is under $700 per month, and if possible under $600.


Kitty toys?

The cat-scratch post that the boys have is:

A: Going bald in places
B: Completely covered in cat hair. As in: I could clean it for hours and still have enough hair stuck to the bed on the top of it to make 3 entirely new, overweight cats.
C: Something like 4 years old.

Anyone know where I can get a new one for relatively cheap? (Less than $50?) This one came from Petco and it's heavy duty, but they charged about $100 for it, and they're evil, besides. Somehow, (okay, they're fat cats) in their wrestling, they can still manage to knock it over with a mighty thud in the middle of the night, so I need one that is sturdy.

Any suggestions?


Hi Seattle,

My free trial from AOL expires soon, and I'm looking for the cheapest dial-up internet service provider in our area.

I live in Redmond and I barely use my computer at home. I'd like to be able to check my e-mail through Outlook Express and occasionally surf the web if I need to.

Thanks in advance!


ps- i read through the memories and couldn't find anything on dial-up isp's.

dancing on friday and saturday nights?

So, i don't get out much...but its my birthday...i'm 24... feelin a little bored with the birthdays just flying by.

either tonight or tomarow night I'd like to go out to a club. The Fenix has some lame band with a big cover charge so that doesn't sound too appealing.

can anyone suggest a good club to "hit up". I prefer techno/electronic to top 40 but really just a good club with loud music and lots of people/big dance floor will do.

any suggestions for tonight or tomarow night?
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Hotels around the airport?

I'm new to the area, and I have to go on a trip back East soon and I wanted to stay at a decent hotel (not too expensive!) near the airport that has shuttle service. My flight is so early in the morning that if I took the 5:30 am ferry from Bainbridge I still wouldn't have enough time to get there.

I know there are a ton of hotels there, but I don't know the area and don't know if anyone has had good experiences at any one of them. I don't need one that does park and fly as I won't be driving there. :-)

Thanks for any help!