August 5th, 2004

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So my boyfriend and I are hiking the Wonderland Trail (around Mt. Rainier) next week and we're making tuna fish for a couple of meals. Does anyone know of somewhere we can get mayonnaise packets? Is there a restaurant or a store where someone remembers seeing them? They're surprisingly hard to find and our "menu" kind of relies on us finding them.

Also shockingly hard to find: Nutella. They don't have it at Safeway or QFC ot Trader Joe's. Anyone seen it around recently?

Guess Who's Coming to Town?
author: Laury Kenton
Aug 04, 2004 20:46

**Friday - August 13 (Time TBD): G.W. Bush will be in Medina for a fundraiser at the home of multi-millionnaire William ("Gary") Reed, Jr.
**Monday - August 16 (7 PM): Condolezza Rice will be in Meany Hall at the University of Washington presenting a World Affairs Council lecture and Q&A session open to the public.

According to the Seattle Times, access to the President of the United States is available to anyone willing to pay his going rate:

$2,500 - for entrance to an event G.W. will attend
$10,000 - for a photograph with G.W.
$25,000 - for a private "reception" and photograph with G.W.

The host of the event, Gary Reed, is a powerful corporate insider, who was the chairman of Simpson Timber for 25 years. He currently sits on the boards of Microsoft, Washington Mutual, Pacaar, Safeco, and The Seattle Times, among others.

Protestors will be gathering at the Medina Elementary School (8001 NE 8th Street, Medina). According to organizers, Reed's estate sits across the street from the school.

As of 8/4/04, the chief of police of the Medina police department is saying that a permit is not necessary for protesters. (Keep in mind, the permit status and even the venue may change.)
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Beautiful pure bred Balinese cat needs a home!!

I've moved back to Japan and where I live now doesn't allow cats so unfortunately I have to find a new home for my beautiful female Balinese (long hair Siamese). Hopefully she can find a new home with someone who has experience giving love and care to a sweet cat like her. She is very friendly, funny, sweet and loving and I know she would like to live with someone who can be the same to her.
She has long light gray and white hair. I致e got her from a Siamese/Balinese breeder in OH. She is 2 and a half years old and has been spayed. My friend is taking care of her in Seattle right now and she needs a new home by the end of Aug. If you are interested, please e-mail me and feel free to ask me any questions.
Here's the LINK to the pics of her.

wireless access & social contact

with the advent of lil' terror (my new laptop), i started exploring the world of wireless access. caffeinated and unstrung provides a great list of access points around seattle with personal descriptions. i use
itunes to share music. after browsing an interesting music library, though, i started wishing that i knew who it was. i'd look around the cafe speculating but i didn't want to scream out "YO! WHO'S 'TROGDOR'S BEAT MENAGERIE' ON ITUNES? YOU ROCK!"

then recently i learned about the herenow project. it's a software app being tested by some micro$oftees. it detects people fairly close to you geographically and you can send them messages. so far its official locations are static factory on capitol hill, crossroads mall in bellevue, grateful bread in wedgwood and sophia's in fremont. i'm posting here because their site has an open invite to become a seattle herenow location and i thought some of you might be interested.


Hey everyone.
This is more of a personal situation but it involves people in Seattle and I figured I could reach a few souls on here. Don't know if it'll help that much, but I guess we'll see. :)

If you are on caphill or Downtown you might see a guy skating on these:

Then that's me. Yes, they're fun skates. Here's the thing though. I understand many people probably haven't seen them before and therefore want to look. That's fine, but if I'm going forward on big skates, please don't stop right in front of me to look because if I don't have room to stop or go around then I will run into you. A few other things, it's more difficult for me to get around you if you panic and play that back and forth "which way do I go and which way are you going" game. If you try to move out of my way there's a pretty good chance you're moving into it so just trust that I see you and will go around, because I do, and I will.

Any other bikers/skaters (in the terms of uses the act of skating in some form and not the label) have this problem? It really gets on my nerves.

Also, if you do happen to see me...give me an LJ shoutout :)

La Boum! Tonight at CHAC

Tonight at the Capitol Hill Arts Center, DJs Les Saucettes will be spinning French pop and garage, ye-ye, girl pop, Japanese Psychedelic, with a little 60s Italian pop thrown in (including a great cover of 'Whiter Shade of Pale'). If you like Holly Go-Lightly, Thee Headcoatees, Gainsbourg, The Sounds, Brigitte Bardot, Vanilla Fudge, The Easybeats, Doris Day, Heavenly, France Gall, Ultra Chicks, Stereo Total, etc..., you'll love our night!

Capitol Hill Arts Center
1621 12th Ave (12th and East Pine)
21+, $3
doors at 9:30pm
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I've been reading a lot of stories and seeing cool pictures lately about urban exploration, and was curious if anyone in the Seattle area has any experiences with interesting old buildings (or anything) they have explored, or know of. It seems like there aren't as many abandoned hospitals, factories, etc. in Seattle compared to some parts of the country, but if there are, I'd love to hear about them.



We're looking for a drummer for a local Seattle hardcore punk band!

We're looking for someone that can be blazing fast, but can still break it down nice and heavy.

I don't feel like typing out a huge thing, so if you're a drummer or you know one then leave a comment. Then we can talk about this shit more.
can i help you

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So I won a pair of tickets to the Sunset Supper, put on by the Pikes Place Market Foundation. Was wondering if anyone else had any experience with this event and my question(s) are these:

1) Is it formal? or somewhat Casual?
2) Is it worth it?

Thanks a bunch!

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I went in for my annual exam today [TMI, but relevant], and as much as those usually suck ass, this time it wasn't too bad at all, due entirely to my new doctor. She's FABULOUS. Professional, nice, funny, queer-friendly, cute shoes, the whole bit. So. Ladies. If you were looking for a new doctor, give her a call.

Stephanie Padilla, MN, RNC, ARNP
UW Medical Center, Roosevelt Women's Clinic
4245 Roosevelt Way NE
Seattle, WA 98105-6920
oh boy

First Thursday

Forgotten Works Challenge, 2004

30 paintings in 30 days.

Show opens August 5th 2004, 5-10PM at the Forgotten Works Gallery
in the Tashiro Kaplan Building
300 S. Washington St
3rd and Washington, Pioneer Square, Seattle

$40. each

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Meet you there!
june marlowe

blue angels!!!

So i had a meeting with an architect today conviently scheduled at 10:30 this morning. the meeting lasted for 2.50 hours but it was nice cause we were on a roof and pretty much just watching the blue angels all meeting. they were so close to us it was crazy.

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I live in the u-district and have a car from the house i'm house sitting. I'll have it from the 8th of aug. to the 1st of september and have been trying to find a garage that i can keep it in. My apartment charges 75.00 a month, so i was wondering if anyone knows of any other cheaper garages. Thanks!
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