August 2nd, 2004


Moving sale, take two (and explanation of Amani/Phoenix)

Due to various stuff beyond my control (*sigh*), my trip has been delayed by a few days and I still need to get rid of my stuff.

Details in my personal journal, please reply here if you wish to be friended so you can see the locked post.

I have:

a small dresser
various clothes
various books
various cds
random cool stuff
art supplies

I'm sorry I don't have pictures, I know it would make it easier. The sale will be going on today and tomorrow.

And to reply to the moderator (I guess that is who deleted my posts about Phoenix Foundation and Help Amani): Amani works for the CHAC (Capitol Hill Arts Center), and has done a lot of work for the Seattle Burning Man community and other Seattle communities. Phoenix foundation is the outreach program I am starting to help victims of childhood abuse. I will be starting with a Seattle branch, I am currently researching the Non Profit status, etc. Perhaps I should not have posted about these two projects while they were embryonic, if I broke the rules here, I apologize, but they are both Seattle based projects to benefit the communities. If anyone wants information on them, see my post in my catling journal. Thank you.
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Stolen from Qweerdo Hyperbole and a Half

Washington State Dental Board Exams - August. Patients needed.

Same deal as before kids, just different contact info.

They screen you, including X-rays for free. If they need what's wrong with your mouth, free dental care.

I think these are in Portland, so you may get a free trip out of the deal if your teeth of screwed up enough for them to use.

On a sidenote, several folks from here who volunteered last time, but did not make the cut did say that in several cases they discovered that their regular dentists were trying to get them in for unnecessary procedures, and that the screening dentists here helped them out by telling them what they really needed.

Please call Des at 206-685-7522 or email Des at for appointments.

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Two Birds With One Stone

Question A) I had my wisdom teeth extracted at Harborview on Wednesday-just noticed yesterday that the oral surgeons BROKE my two back molars. As in, part of them are gone. They didn't bother to tell me, won't return my phone calls, and the advice I've received from another dentist is not to go back anyway, as dentists at the same hospital often cover for each other, and to go to UW Dental to have the damage documented. However, I don't have insurance, and what he originally thought would fall under the Washington Dental Association's jurisdiction (as in, they would have to pay for it), doesn't apply, since Harborview kind of has it's own jurisdiction, and my only recourse is to file a complaint with Harborview, which King County Dental Assoc. told me would do nothing. Here's my question-do I need a lawyer to deal with this? Would I have to pay a retainer, or do they just take part of a later possible settlement? I just want my teeth fixed!! Well, and to make Harborview pay for it, those little bastards. (If it turns out I do need a lawyer-any suggestions?) Any advice would be helpful, thanks kids.

Question B) After spending the last week sequestered at home mending, I've decided I need cable. However, a two hour internet search turned up an overload of confusing information-what I really want to know is, what cable services are good in this area (I live in Capitol Hill if that makes a difference), competitively priced, etc. Also, what's this OnDemand business about? Is it good times, or worth the cost? Personal anecdotes would be delightful.