August 1st, 2004

Moon Patrol

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What's even more rad is the harvest moon coming up here in a couple months when it's orange like this but it's all huge and shit too.

Anyway, doesn't the lighting on that building beside the moon make it look like a face? In this particular picture it kinda looks like that every-time-you-masturbate-God-kills-a-kitten thing. It's like the building is chasing after the moon the way that thing chases after the kitten in the don't masturbate picture--and the moon looks all scared and shit.
Free Child

Part-time work

I am in sore need of work. I have extensive experience as a barista, a server, customer service, you name it. Also nanny experience. I need it to be day and not saturday and mondays... I have looked many places. I know how to look for a job so please don't send me obvious things. I just thought I'd post here and pur the word out there.
Thanks !

Stolen Camera

Okay, I'm not sure how much this will help, or if it will at all, but at this point in time it can't hurt.

I had a camera stolen out of my boyfriends car last night in Seattle near The Graceland night club. Along with some other stuff, a portable cd player, some cd's, clothes, make-up, etc. But the camera is the worst, since I'm a photographer...

I've filed a police report, but since the total amount stolen was under $1500 they won't actiavely pursue it... figures.

So, for any of you who may visit pawn shops or know of some sketchy goings on the camera is/was a Canon EOS Rebel Ti serial No. 73019519, it probably has a Canon 28-80mm lens on it... I had a Tamron 75-300mm Telemacro lens serial No. 144322 on it, but it would be worth more seperate so it's not likely still attached. All in a Canon bag.

My bank card was also stolen and used by the dumb ass at two gas sations, a 76 (not sure the exact address yet) at 6:45 p.m. and than at a Citgo 76 Eleven (store number 24497 I believe) at 9:54 p.m. (I've taken care of all the calling on that too, it's just more info I figured I'd post just in case)

The person is male, he answered my cell phone when I called it, asshole.

Sooooo, any information anyone might have would be helpful, I can't offer any monatary rewards, I'm more broke than the ass who took my camera, but could offer something like a free sitting.
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Does anyone know of any Bellevue/Factoria area parks where we can let a dog run without a leash? We're dog sitting, and he's in need of a good run with a tennis ball.

We clean up after him, so if it's just a regular park, that would be cool. Thanks.

Anything going on tomorrow night?

Any suggestions for something to do tomorrow night that's a) cheap, and b) not very noisy?

Or even something tonight, though I think I'm going to head over to Golden Gardens in a bit unless someone tosses up an idea that sounds better right after I post this...
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