July 31st, 2004

Peachy Keen

Moving sale right now!

Moving sale!
Take my stuff, please! I have been having a moving sale today, and no one came! Eeep!

If you are interested, please contact me. I've got bookshelves, cool books, cool random things, etc.

Take care!

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Legal Kids

I'm eighteen now, legal, I can vote, buy cigarettes, porn, drive without restriction, and charged as an adult. But I haven't found anything I can actually do in Seattle that I couldn't really when I was a minor, aside from strip clubs and that sort of scene. Anyone know of anything?

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battle of the bands finals is going on at studio 7 in seattle on august 15th. my boyfriend's band bone dry (http://www.bonedry.net and you can hear samples of their music) is going to be playing. tickets are $8 in advance or $10 at the door. if you want some in advance, contact me (CrystalClear277@hotmail.com)

i believe it starts at 6pm on august 15th
studio 7 is located at 110 south horton street in seattle.
the show is all ages with drinking upstairs.

thank you!!!!

some legal advice?

My one year lease was up on May 31st. My girlfriend called our landlord and asked her to renew our lease for another year. Our landlord said she would mail us the lease so we could sign it and mail it back. We paid for both June & July's rent because we assumed we would be signing up for another year. The lease never came in the mail and we were a little nervous about not being protected by a lease so we started looking for a new place. We found one, called up our landlord and told her we were moving out. She told us that if we looked in our lease it would state that after one year the lease reverts to month-to-month and therefore we owe her for all of August's rent since we didn't give her a full 20 days notice. We looked at the lease and it says that if we want to go to month-to-month after one year we have to send written notice 30 days prior to the expiration of our lease. It then states that the landlord is not obligated to give us month-to-month.

We called her today and told her what we had read in the lease and she said that Washington State Law states that after a one year lease expires the lease then reverts to month-to-month and that if we don't pay August's rent by Monday, she will send us to collections.

I have not found anything under the RCW index that says a one year lease can revert to month-to-month. Has anyone ever heard of this before?
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hey commuters

I've been looking at time schedules etc etc and I have been getting different types of results. So I am just going to ask upfront: Which way would be the BEST way to get from Downtown Seattle to Monroe on the bus? On a weekday during the morning/noon.
This would be very very very helpful.