July 30th, 2004

Italian restaurants..

Can anyone tell me where in Seattle I can find a decent Italian restaurant? And please don’t ANYONE say Machiavelli!! Machiavelli’s food taste like it comes from a can... cheap gross cafeteria food, like I used to eat when I was in the army.

Well, I was never actually in the army, but as a kid I used to play army a lot, and to help authenticate the experience I would eat real army rations. An experience equaled only by the fine dining at Machiavelli’s.

I attribute the abundance of faux-gourmet dining in Seattle to the equal abundance of hippies in Seattle. Everything taste like twinkies to you people, so restaurants can pretend that they’re gourmet while they serve you Chef Boyardee and charge ya 50 bucks a pop for it.

Anyway.. I didn’t mean to turn this post into assault on Machiavelli’s, or any of you fine sandal-wearing Seattle folks out there. I really just want to know if there’s an Italian eatin’ house in this city that won’t make me vomit.

God bless you all.

bartending schools

Bartending schools...

has anyone attended one of these? about how much did it cost? and how successful were you finding a job? I'm up near Everett, WA so i'm looking for a place up here and not down in Seattle.

I am a seasonal employee for the city of everett and i have 3 months coming up where i'll be out of a job. I'm thinking a part time bartending gig would be good to keep me on my feet until my other job started back up. I'd be keeping the job after my other job started up as well. I'm cute so i think i would be hireable, i just don't know anything about baretending...or much about alcoholic beverages as well.

any experience with these school? advice?
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Two Ferrets, cage and accessories for sale.

One of the doctors here is selling her family's two ferrets because she just can't devote enough time to them.

If we had more space, we'd take them. But as it is...

Boy and Girl. Both fixed and de-scented. Have just had their vaccinations updated. They come with a huge cage, all their toys, beds, etc... and, I'm assuming, food.

They are asking $350 for the whole shebang.

Let me know if you are interested.

I know the boy is really, really friendly and completely litterbox trained. His sister has some litterbox issues and has been known to nip women on occasion.

Large Group Hangout (straddling the CH3CH2OH divide)

Where would you suggest a group of 30 college kids go to party/hang out on Saturday night? The catch is that not all of them have reached 21 yet, but the ones who are 21+ probably want to drink. So places with lax carding policies or all ages places that serve are good. (I was going to suggest the Garage, but aren't they open to minors only for dinner?)

These 30 people have just cycled 4000 miles here from Connecticut and will want to unwind, suggestions are helpful, thanks!
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Feral rescue kittens need good homes

Okay everyone, here are pictures of the two kittens we need to get adopted out before we become to attached to the little buggers. Seriously. We're really getting attached to the little balls of energy and love. They've been tested for everything and are clean but have not started their immunization rounds yet nor are they fixed. All we ask is you give them a good home because they really want a lot of lovin.

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More kitties will be on the way as we get them used to humans so stay tuned for the further adventures of Feral Rescue Inc.
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