July 29th, 2004

"Is they is, or is they isn't?"

Can anyone tell me what the English assessment test is like at BCC?
I was told to email someone from the English department to get an example, but they don't seem to like answering emails. o_O

The math practice is online, so that isn't a problem.

I dread writing essays. o_O
Essays are evil. Please tell me it isn't a horribly long essay.
Mini paragraphs are good. I am a big fan of those. :-P Quality, not quantity.


mopeds mopeds mopeds!

Always All Ages @ The Paradox
Saturday, July 31, 2004 - 7:00pm
1401 NW Leary Way, Seattle
$5 donation

Damien Jurado
Suffering and the Hideous Thieves
Supine to Sit
Dear Darling
Hidari Mae
DJ Mad Max

Come hang out with the coolest of the cool - the Mosquito Fleet of Seattle as they celebrate their second annual Moped Army party - put on by the folks at The Paradox. Hear that? It's a 50cc engine whizzing by.

Don't do it!

DO NOT eat at the Northgate Azteca.

Service SUCKED MAJOR ASS (we were charged for the wrong order and waitress did not even OFFER to change it).

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auto repair issues - help?

I posted a while ago about our car making a "funny noise", and on recs of some LJ'ers, took our car into the Autohaus.

Well, they found the problem and fixed it, and told it it would cost $XXX. Pricey, but they were very nice, called my husband daily with updates (they were waiting for a part to come in, etc.).

However, imagine his shock when he went to pick up the car yesterday, and the total cost was $XXX + $300! They also did a tune up of the car that cost an additional $127 + labor (equally the $300). They didn't tell us anything about this additional work they were going to do - and when they told us how much it would cost for the overall repair, don't you think they should have included this?

My husband just paid and took the car home because he was in a rush, but I'm pretty peeved. If I call back the shop and ask them why they did the extra service and ask for a refund, do you think they will? Or are we SOL because we already paid and took teh car home.

Help - I'm really furious about this additional charge.
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in case anyone here wanted to see the movie "without a paddle," paramount is offering free passes to seattle-area screenings on their website. all you have to do is enter your zip code, and print out the passes. i know the movie doesn't look all that fantastic, but it's free, so hey.

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Does anyone know of/have any experience with Temp agencies in/around Seattle?
I am moving in a week: I have reliable transportation: However, I won't be able to work when classes start.
I'm inexperianced but a fast and accurate typist/good at filing/articulate/phone skills, etc..are temp agencies the way to go?

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-- On June 2nd 2004 the cat my parents had believed to be male for 1.5 years gave birth to 6 adorable little kittens.

Sadly, last Monday she got hit by a car and now the kittens are without a mother. Thankfully they were approximately 7weeks old and already eating and drinking on their own, but still... It was really hard to lose Tiny.

My parents decided to keep two of the kittens and xb95 is planning on taking two more so I am here in hopes that someone would like to take the remaining two. I'd love to keep them as a pair so that all of the kittens can have a sibling remain with them, but it's not absolutely required.

The remaining kittens are a girl and boy pair seen behind the following cut.

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I desperately need to find affordable carpeting in the Seattle area and fast. I have a 1200 square foot home and cannot go over $2,000. Do NOT say Empire. They were just here and when I told the guy his price was too high he started slobbering all over the room, waving his arms and yelling at me that I was wasting his time.
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Just another form of art...visualize through sound

One more quick post - This is for music lovers...I don't know what "kind" of music you would want to call it (rock? progressive rock? alternative rock, contemporary rock? modern rock? or how about post-modern progressive alternative rock?)

Anyway, check out the music. Join the E-list. Help this artist build a fan base.


Mp3 downloads:

Join the mailing list:

Thanks for reading:)
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What was potentially a very bad situation was quickly diffused.

I was walking home along 1st Ave though Belltown as usual, maybe 3 or 4 blocks from home, when this hispanic guy intercepts my path. He walks backwards in front of me a few steps and starts going on like "hey mama, you have a real nice body" etc. I change my path to go around him, and he changes his too to stay in front of me. Just as I'm starting to freak and thinking fight/flight this other guy who was walking about 10 paces ahead of me turns around and comes back. He says to me, "Hey, how's it going?" and the hispanic guy bolts. This guy keeps walking next to me, asks if I'm ok, and I thank him bunches. He walks with me maybe a block, and then turns and goes his way and says good night and I thank him again.

To whoever that was: Thank you a thousand times. I'll either be walking a different way or taking the bus for a while.