July 28th, 2004


I've posted once before about this, but I really need a job.

I've exhausted all the lists on craigslist.org. I've also tried nwclassifieds.com, The Stranger, snagajob.com, myspace classifieds, and others.

I know a lot of people will say to go apply in person, but right now that's not an option as I have no car insurance, or way to get to Seattle. I move in on Sunday which isn't too far away, but I really want to get ahead of myself with the job search so that I can afford to eat and have electricity.

So if anyone knows of any jobs (hopefully ones with online apps, or at least some that I can print out and have pre-filled out for when I get there) in the U-district, I'd greatly appreciate it.

I need something part-time (full-time until school starts is fine too) that doesn't require a lot of experience. I'm 18+, have high school diploma, and an Associates.
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moving boxes

in the spirit of all things thrifty, where are some goldmine stores i can pilfer for moving boxes? i've been told in the past to check out local liquor stores, but they always seem tight when it comes to the cardboard love.
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small industrial space

(I looked through the memories and couldn't find anything relevant. If this has been asked before, my apologies.)

Is anyone familiar with the process of getting a small, industrial-zoned space for rent? A couple of friends and I are hoping to find something between 200-400 square feet, preferably north of downtown. Ballard seems like the likeliest possibility. (Anything south of Everett is doable; I live in Edmonds and we work in Lynnwood, so we're north side a lot.)

Thanks in advance!
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(no subject)


The SANYO North America Group became the first electronics company to launch a blimp in North America. The "SANYO Blimp," 165-feet long, is being used as part of SANYO's celebration of 50 years of doing business worldwide. Based in San Diego, the SANYO Blimp is scheduled to appear in conjunction with charitable events, major outdoor activities, business events and trade shows across the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

So, I'm wondering... What's the scheduled event? This blimp has been circling Seattle all week.

Also, if you're at work and bored: Pilot Your Own Blimp Game (the link is on the right side of the page)

thank you

to all that responded to my request for kittens, thanks!
i had so many responses i'm beside myself with options now. this is a great community with very responsible kids in it (pushing for adult animal shelter adoptions)
you guys rock
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kitten needed to good home

My cat was lost in spanaway after my ex girlfriend threw him out after our breakup.

I now live in Seattle 30 miles away from the evilness that is her.

I would like to know if anybody is giving away kittens, I miss having my cat......
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(no subject)

i looked in the memories for an answer to this and didn't quite get what i was looking for. but hey, it's a simple to answer question.

i'm fully aware of the large cable companies in the area and their massive cable tv offers. my problem is, i dont need a hundred channels. hell, i dont need fifty. and it seems i might be overlooking something when the prices jump from 15 bucks in tacoma to 40 bucks here. so does anyone happen to know of the cheapest possible offer i can get in the downtown area? i just need something to keep my mind off of things when i get homesick.

sorry if it's a repeat question in any way.
thanks in advance to anyone who can help me out.
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(no subject)

I tried looking in the memories but didn't find anything, so forgive me if it is in there somewhere.

My sister drove my car to Seattle and got a parking ticket. She paid it on time and everything, but I am uncomfortable with this ticket on MY record for HER mistake. I was considering applying for a job that requires a clean record. Is there any way I can get it taken off if she confessed that it was hers? Or is it my fault because I let her use my car? Or at the very least, how long will it take for this ticket to disappear off my record on it's own?