July 27th, 2004



Are you the dude I saw pissing at cars from the corner of Western and Battery on Sunday afternoon? If so, I have a short request:


I drive by that corner every day and I hope against hope that I will never again see your dusty gray wang waving at passerby and sploshing pee all over the sidewalk.

Many thanks,
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    ...even though it happened two days ago.

You will be assessed the full fine, plus a small... large lateness fee

Don't think anyone's mentioned it in here, and that last parking post reminded me of a story KOMO ran earlier this month about the rise (or at least presence) of the boot in Seattle.  Apparently the Taco Bell on Capitol Hill now boots cars instead of towing them, with an attendant hanging around in the lot waiting for non-customers to park.  Clamping on the boot takes about 45 seconds, and then they just wait for the owners to come back and write a check on the spot to get their car free.  Just thought I'd pass on the link, 'cause it's probably only a matter of time before someone posts in this community whining about how their poor car got clamped and it totally wasn't their fault and blah blah blah.  So now you know.

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does anyone here have kittens that need a home? or know of someone who does? i'm new to seattle and had to leave my cats with my parents in az (they've lived in that house for almost 10 years so i couldn't move them and feel okay with it) but i do miss having my furry companions. i'm a nice, caring person, who loves animals! i would like to adopt only one healthy kitten in need of a home. (i wont buy from the pet store because its against my morals to buy breed animals.)

if you have some or know someone who does please email me at Cassie_delaney@hotmail.com
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Locating an old friend

I am attempting to locate a friend of mine. His name is Kenny Storm (s?). I have tried online searches, but to no useful end.

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I would prefer not to have to pay to find him, as I am a cheapskate / starving student.

Thanks for your help.
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Bumbershoot Gold/Platinum Pass

I'm interested in whether anyone here has ever spent the extra money to get a Gold or Platinum pass to bumbershoot and whether they felt that it was worth the extra money. It looks like the only things that the passes appear to really get you that you can't get there are the pre-party, skipping lines at some venues, and reserved seating at some venues. Are these things really worth the extra money?? Any input you might have is definitely appreciated.

phones. pdas. internet. and beer.

these are all things that are good to have an interest in to be a happy part of our wdsglobal family
in other words, www.wdsglobal.com is hiring for Wireless Data Technical Support Representative folks.

i do this job.
i think it's one of the nifty-est jobs i've ever had....
as far as tech support jobs go,
it's by far the very very best i've ever had.

pay - not so great, about average ts scale.
bennies - holy moly outstanding benefits, starting the first day of the second month.
people - well, they're geeks.  what else.

and lots of fun toys to play with.
although we call them devices.

the official-ish job description hiding behind the cut...Collapse )


if this looks like a job for you, send your resume to me (mikaraar -at- hotmail -dot- com(
and i'll schmooze you in to our happy world.

we're hiring a -lot- of people.

so, yeah.

contact me.

Steilacoom Community Center

Friday, July 30th

Steilacoom Community Center
(2301 Worthington St. Steilacoom WA 98388)

Ghost Runner on Third
I Voted For Kodos (from Wisconsin)
The Morning After
The Last Great Liar

7:00 p.m. $5

Any questions, respond to this post or email steilacoombooking [at] hotmail dot com
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...Bird store?...

As I am stuck in Oregon, and cannot recall the name of the store I seek, I come to you lucky people still in Seattle with a question.

There is a bird store (at least there was a year or so ago) near Pike Place Market, close to the waterfront. You have to 'donate' to get in, and they have a whole heck of a lot of birds. I cannot remember its street or name, thus using dexonline.com, or any related sources are no help. Has anyone been there and remembers the name? Better yet, do they have a website/contact of some type? Thanks!

Edit: Ok so I've been informed the place no longer exists...does anyone know of a good place to get birds, specifically budgerigars? I'm looking for hand-fed ones, so places like Petco/Petsmart are no go for that.

Olympic National Park Hot Springs?

Has anyone visited the Olympic Hot Springs in Olympic National Park?  I am interested in taking this trail to the hot springs this weekend, but I have some concerns about the bears (are there any?), and the "safety" of the hot springs. 

Anyone have advice on carrying food for the day in a pack, and/or whether the hot springs would likely be safe to sit in?