July 26th, 2004

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Re-post of a weekend thingy

This will be the last post of this sort for awhile. I just wanted to re-post this during the week when perhaps more people would see it (weekends are busy for me too):

I'm a composer/musician who is in the process of recording an album. So far, I've only completed a few demos - and they're very rough. But I thought I'd share this stuff with you anyway.

I'm trying to build a fan base from the ground up...allowing for a more interactive experience. I encourage music enthusiasts to sign my up for my e-newsletter and explore the website. You'll get to hear everything from "works-in-progress" - mistakes and all - to the finished product, as this experience is about chronicling the making of an album - from start to finish.

I won't spam you - I promise...I only send out newsletters about once a month.

I figure this is a good way to share my music with others and perhaps make a few groovy friends as well. The website also has a discussion forum...which is open to any topic concerning music - mine or anyone else's.

I love to talk music with others, and I am interested in what some of the other musicians in this community are doing as well.

So here are the links:

Website: www.theopenexperience.com

A couple of songs:
Catastrophe of Interaction (5.43 MB)
Saving Grace (6 MB)

Mailing list and forum: The Connection Page
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(no subject)

Heya, I work for Radio Disney and we offer a free assembly program to local elementary schools. During the school year we always get WAAAY over booked because the program is so popular but we have trouble getting schools signed up for the fall and winter months, because school has just begun. What they don't know is this is a GREAT way to start a new school year and get the kids pumped full of school spirit.

So this goes out to all parents/siblings/nannies of elementary students, we have a FANTASTIC, totally free program called "Rockin' Recess". It's a ton of fun for the kids. In fact, every school we've ever been to in the past has requested us back the following year. There is no catch at all. It's an educational, fast paced, get on your feet sort of assembly and it's my job to make sure we fill 2 spots per month.

If you have any contact with any elementary schools at all and if you think they might be interested in this assembly please send me an email and then I'll fill you in a little bit more about the assembly, plus we have a packet I can send out.

my e-mail is alynnabug@hotmail.com
duh [duckyass]

Water pump/cooling system repair

Okay, I know I've seen a similar question asked here before, but I was unable to locate anything in the memories section pertaining to my specific problem.

Collapse )

Does anyone here of a place that would be in the Kent/Auburn/Covington area (or even Tukwila/Renton) that they'd recommend that wouldn't charge me an arm and a leg per hour?  Or possibly even a place that would have some sort of credit plan, so that I'd be able to make payments instead of paying it all at once?  Quality is just as important to me as price, so a place that had some sort of warranty would be preferable.

If anyone can help me out with this, I'd greatly appreciate it.
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So, we're doing a second showing of UNSUNG since the opening was a tremendous sell-out. This is the movie I wrote and co-produced. It features a kick-ass soundtrack by some notable favorites such as

Carissa's Weird, The Catch, Climax Golden Twins, The Decemberists, The Divorce, Juhu Beach, Kinski, Leuko, The Long Winters, Malinks, Notwist, Satan's Pilgrims, Sinestro, The Thermals, Unwound, Visqueen, Atonal, Jen Wood

It's also chock full of great locations such as the Twilight Exit with Steve the Karaoke King playing himself. It's a fun local comedy about the people who make the karaoke videos you see above the performers.

Unsung: The Second Showing
Henry Art Gallery
Sunday, August 1, 3 p.m.
15th Ave NE & NE 41st St.
$5 suggested donation

All of you who missed the premiere have another chance, and if you did make the premiere, give us a hand and send this on to friends or family that might want to see a off-beat comedy and support local filmmakers.

The director and other crew will be in attendance, and there's a rumor that Orlando Bloom will be attending en cognito. Deep cover sort of stuff, very deep. Keep an eye out...

FInd out more at www.unsungmovie.com

Questions?, email movie@thinklab.com.
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Help! What to do in Seattle?

So what do you do with out of town visitors in Seattle? I've looked in the memories and have decided that tomorrow we will visit gasworks park and posibly gameworks.

I have already thoguth of the basics - space neetle, pikes places/waterfront, sam, boradway, and u-district. Some of these are pbviously more enjoyable than others.

So my question is:

What do you do with your visitors?
Local favorite resturants/attractions?
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(no subject)

Hey. I was wandering if anybody knew of any good seattle vegetarian restaurants? I've been to the sunlight cafe and I love it, but I want to find some more. The only other places I've tried are Arayas and Silence Heart Nest and I personally didn't like them. Any other good places?

Tooth & Nail store?

So I heard that Tooth & Nail record label has their big ol' store/headquarters/Mecca/thing in Seattle... I'd like to check it out when I'm there in August. Anyone know where it is? Their website is being less than helpful.
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(no subject)

I'm needing a good electrician who won't try to overcharge me. Any of you folks have a good experience with a Puget Sound area electrician? If so, please give me contact info...

Thanks! :)
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Twin Peaks at SAM

For the David Lynch / Kyle MacLachlan fans out there ...

Thirteenth Annual Twin Peaks/David Lynch Festival Night
Join Special Agent Dale Cooper (Yakima's Kyle MacLachlan) in the fir trees for hot coffee, cherry pie and his pursuit of Ultimate Mystery, as we present Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me . In the autumn of 1991, former Northwesterner Lynch returned to Snoqualmie and North Bend to show us the last seven days of town sweetheart Laura Palmer (a stunning performance by Sheryl Lee). Laura's nights are dark and sinister, but they hold the promise of transcendent light. As usual, we'll show short films and clips that relate to Lynch's word, and enjoy the company of visiting celebrities.

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

Saturday, July 31
7:30 pm – 10:00 pm
Seattle Art Museum
Plestcheeff Auditorium
$8 (SAM Members $6)

To purchase tickets for this event, call the SAM Box Office at (206) 654-3121.
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Seattle Parking Rates


I found out this weekend why a family members personal downtown business has had the parking lot for the business always filled up with cars parked there shortly after 5pm, when there business closes. Apparently nobody minds the sign about the towing company on the building being authorized to impound their cars for parking there without permission.

As it turns out, the parking attendant at the pay lot across the street tells potential clients of his parking lot to take up the "free" parking on my family members property.

I know it is nice to find free parking downtown, however this causes to many issues.

First for my family. I have gone by at night to find people camping, doing crack, and other activities on my family members property that are less then legal. For that reason, my family member is going to step up business with the towing company to remove these unwanted vehicles on a regular basis.

Second, for the owner of the pay parking lot. As I informed the attendant, "don't you think maybe the rates for your lot keep going up because you tell people to illegally park here then generating money for your boss like your suppose to?"

So Seattle, please stop parking where you are not suppose to. If your not suppose to park there, and really want to, clear it with the business owner first. On at least one private parking lot downtown, a lot more cars are going to start getting towed in the near future.