July 25th, 2004


Condo's for sale

Does anyone know about the Sixty-01 properties?
Information such as the quality of the complexes (any build weaknesses, etc.), the HO dues, and the HO staff?

I'm looking to buy a condo and it seems like the only condos available within my price range are located at the Sixty-01 properties.



Hey everyone,
I just got a bed frame for my birthday and am now searching for a free/cheap full sized mattress. Anyone have one lying around that they'd be willing to give up? I am poor and can't afford to pay a lot but name your price and I'll see if I can meet it. Also, as I don't have a car, unless you are a VERY kind soul and willing to deliver, it kinda has to be on caphill. Let me know! and thanks in advance!!!

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There is a seafood fest going on in Ballard, anyone attended? How was the food??

I have never been there, but thinking about going this afternoon. Anyone can advise which is the best booth, etc. Thanks!!
yay for cooler day finally!
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Looking for a roomate... need one ASAP

U District. 50th and 20th. Couple blocks from the Ave and Campus, great location.

Our lease goes up this Saturday.

4 guys looking for one more person.

Rent will be 275 + Utils = 300 or less a month.

I have a little Corgi Puppy, who is crazy. So ya gotta at least be able to stand dogs.

MUST BE CLEAN, NO SLOBS. Dealt with that all too much.

We're all edge. Some are vegan/veg.

No smoking/drugs/alcohol, I don't care what you do outside of the house, just please keep it outside.

Um, we're not even close to being PC. So if you're easily offended, don't live here haha.


Cable Tv/Internet.

Room is a good size.

Bathroom is made up of 3 different doors so you can brush your teeth, while someone is showering, while someone is using the toilet. Rad

Cheap rent, super good location, rad dudes. If you're interested hit me up.

If you can't sign a lease or whatever, we can talk. Rad.


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Emerald City Natives!!


I've always been infatuated with Seattle and usually we head up there every year and I heard the kayaking tours are not too shabby.

If so:

1) which company/tour package have you tried?
2) which one would you recommend?

I'll be there late August; any information would be spectacular and greatly appreciated:o)

Thank you in advance:P