July 23rd, 2004


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Vandewater Books in Wallingford is closing. SAD! A friend tells me everything is on sale and they still have a bunch of good stock, though I haven't gotten a chance to go myself yet. You should check it out. (And continue to support your local independent bookstores!)


So this is random, but i thought you guys might find it funny. It's from the NY Times:
TENNESSEE: A PARTY IN THE COUNTY JAIL Four inmates at the Hawkins County jail have been accused of going on a beer run after the doors were accidentally left unlocked. The men were charged Monday with escape and bringing alcohol into a jail. In the breakout on Thursday, two inmates walked out through a fire exit, leaving the unlocked door to the cellblock propped open with a Bible. The inmates, who were dressed in street clothing, walked to a market, bought beer and returned to share it with other prisoners. When the beer ran out, the other two inmates made another trip to a different store for beer. "I guess they thought if they came back, they wouldn't be charged with escape," Sheriff Warren Rimer said. "But they were wrong." (AP)

Hmmmm..... Would you just go for a beer run?
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Need a place to live!

Hey out there... I'm looking for a new place to live, and was hoping someone ut there might no of a good, relatively inexpensive place to rent, as I'm tired of either paying through the nose, or having really shitty landlords.

I work in Fremont, so almost anywhere in Seattle would work, though I really want to limit myself to Queen Anne, Capitol Hill, Fremont, Greenlake, or Belltown/Downtown. All I need is a one bedroom that allows cats. Off-street parking would be choice as well.

Any help? I would appreciate it incredibly.

Free Haircut

Found a flyer on my car at work. I've never had a cut from this person (I'm a Vain.com lover, Rachel is great!) but thought some of the unemployed might be interested!

"Come in, meet me and get a free haircut! Men Welcome!

Sonya @ Salon 1520
1520 Eastlake Ave E


P.S. Please schedule your FREE HAIRCUT by August 31st, 2004.


If she says you need one of the yellow cards there is a coffee shop across the street called Cuppa Jo's. Good coffee, nice people, and they had a stack of the cards about an inch thick on their board.

Happy weekend everyone!
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(Sunset) Cover nights, schmuver nights, they're happening all over this city as of late, but one of the most badass of them all has to be tonight's, since it's dedicated to motherfuckin' Guns N' Roses! The local bands already set to bow down to the hard rock giants include the Lashes, Andrea Maxand, Fey Ray, Pleasurecraft, American School of Warsaw, and the Capillaries. And The Stranger's own David Schmader will also be performing excerpts from his play, Letter to Axl. Of course there will be Axl and Slash look-alike contests (but don't even think about coming as Axl unless you can pull off his dead-sexy dance moves), and besides all that, it's a benefit for No Vote Left Behind. You need no better reason to slam down seven bucks and suck down a few beers (Axl would want it no other way) for the cause. MEGAN SELING

(from The Stranger)