July 22nd, 2004

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are you sitting around during the day just being lazy and need to make some cash.
well i have a job that is super super easy and pays 10.72 and hour. you would be working for the lake washington school district and all you would have to do is either hold a hose or spray some chemicals on the carpets or use a machine that shampoos the carpet. it is super easy, yes a bit boring but you are making 10.72 an hour for mostly sitting around doing nothing. this is a once in a life time offer and wont be around long, the hours would change to 6;30-2;30 or something like that instead of 1-9 and that would make me so much happier because then you still have most of the day to do stuff. so if you are even the least bit interested leave a message here.
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Hello everyone,.. my name is Cori

Um,.. I hate to sound like a total dork but, I've been looking for an old friend from High School,..one of the coolest girls I've ever met and I miss her friendship dearly.. her name is Nora Bos,.. word has it she moved to Seattle after College,... if anyone knows of her and is willing to help me out my email is satansaladsandwiches@yahoo.com

Thanks everyone for your time
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Need stickers

Anyone know where I can get B&W Vinyl stickers made here in Seattle and get them back by Wednesday?

I need 2 batches of 250 of them.

I've looked at many places online...but none can get me the turnaround I need.

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Palatine Avenue North in seattle, from at least 117th to 105th were "tagged" last night by a bunch of pricks with nothing else to do than target minivans and any other family looking car with markers. They wrote phrases like "I have a yeast infection", "My kids are a mistake", and "I have this big truck to compensate for my small penis". Grow up people.
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      Anyone know of any semi-secluded places to go swim
      outdoors at? Lake? One that's not too crowded?

      Thanks! ♥


      To those who gave suggestions on where to find scrubs,
      the Wall of all Marts had the best selection. Thanks again!
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Unemployment questions

Does anyone happen to know, if you get an email from Unemployment saying "we have processed your application," does that mean you've been approved? Or does it just mean that someone out there in the ether has noticed that you don't have a job?

Also, if you've been laid off in a perfectly normal, uncomplicated, uncontested, "we love you but we're cutting the staff in half so we don't go out of business" fashion, how long does Unemployment normally take to send you a check?

attempted kindness


Okay, this is extremely short notice, sorry!

SEATTLE MEETUP TONIGHT/TOMORROW! (depending on how you look at it)



How you can tell we're LJers: we are a group that looks like they wouldn't normally hang out together...hanging out together.

If I'm intoxicated enough I'll just walk around the restaurant asking people if they're on LJ.

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