July 21st, 2004

mercer island tunnel closed?

So a friend and I were aimlessly driving around tonight/this morning (7/21/04, 1:45 am) and decided to head to Snoqualmie Pass. We were just cruising along when all of the sudden there were some stopped cars ahead. The sign above the tunnel said "closed. do not enter." So we had to back up to the closest exit, get off, and turn around.

Anyone know what the hell was going on? Is this a routine closure? There was absolutely zero advanced warning, andwe couldn't see anything wrong. There were no cops there and nothing on the radio.
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gorge lawn tickets

So the concerts at the Gorge this summer all have "lawn tickets" which are about $20, where as "normal" tickets cost about $50. It sounds too good to be true, does anyone know what the difference is? The only "section" is "festival seating" anyway.


Hey everyone! Come to the show this Friday at The Paradox!

Always All Ages
July 23, 2004
Doors @ 8:00pm
1401 NW Leary Way, Seattle

Woke Up Falling
Mon Frere
Spanish for 100

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Preserve your freedom to vote for the person, NOT the party

Do you vote for the person? Or do you vote for the political party.

I don't think we should have to vote a straight party ticket in a primary election. But that is exactly what we're being forced to do this year.

Only one organization has stood up to the political parties on behalf of what the people of Washington State have said they prefer.

If you would like to continue to vote for any candidate, in any party, for any office in the primary election, you should all consider supporting the Grange's Initiative 872.

They're calling it the "People's Choice" Initiative. And we'll get to vote on it in November. I'm going to vote YES, because it makes me mad how the political parties and the government have screwed us over every step of the way. The political parties should NOT control the primary election process. These are publicly-funded elections and publicly-funded candidates. The people of Washington State should be able to vote for whomever they want, without limitation based on party.
This is our last chance to make sure we are free to vote for who we want to.

If you would like information on this issue, please visit the official website:


I'm urging people to support this initiative. Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to post this.
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Punk & Disorderly Live goes All Ages!

4 bucks, 4 bands!

Sunday, July 25th ALL Ages show at The Mercury!

Located at:
1009 E. Union St.
Seattle, WA

Show starts at 8pm. This is an ALL AGES show and there will be a separate BAR area (entrance w/21+ ID) for folks that want to drink.

The Bands:

Something More Than Nothing
The Gallows
Wade Amongst the Dead

With host Panix
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I really need another copy of my Difuser CD.

A couple years ago I met the drummer in a sociology class at Seattle Central. He gave me a copy of his CD, and I fell in love (with the music, not him).

Haven't spoken to him since that class, and his band isn't really that well known. But I can't find the CD.

I had totally forgotten about it, except I just got some older Modest Mouse, and realized, they sound alot alike But for some reason I just don't like Modest Mouse, and I miss Difuser.

Ugh, if anyone in the area knows how to get ahold of Buz Ras, or the "Difuser" CD please let me know.
It's called "Evil Monkey Trio"

Technically they hail from Tulsa, but I know he lived in the seattle area for a while.

Edit: Yes, I've searched teh intarweb high and low. Google sends me to "Diffuser" with two f's, but that's not them. Buz Ras isn't his real name, so I can't look him up. He's about six foot nine, blonde, and rides a motorcycle. He sort of stands out.

three questions

whenever i read the stranger or seattle weekly, i always see ads in the back of the paper for advance screenings of various movies, which seems like something that could save me a lot of money if i participate. is there a website that also lists these opportunities as well? are there any other ways to save money on movies at the theater that anyone would like to share? thanks for any input.

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I am looking for a 18" women's bicycle and Helmet.

Doesn't need to be fancy or anything, just fuctionable and safe. I can't afford alot of money, about $40 is what I am looking at. Or I can trade you Jewelry at my website, www.bonvogue.com

Please contact me bonvogue@yahoo.com, thanks!

(no subject)

So UW isn't accepting any transfer students until at least Summer '05.

I'm moving to Seattle soon and don't want to stay out of school for longer than a semester (my brain rots easily).
Any suggestions?
I've got a great GPA and am mainly looking to finish up in the Earth Sciences with a concentration on Astronomy and a physics minor.

Any suggestions for schools in the area? Yes, even good comm colleges count but hopefully somewhere that offers upperlevel sciences/physics.

Thanks in advance :)