July 20th, 2004

Any "a-" here?

Anyone here got that letter in the mail a couple of years ago about the Microsoft permatemp class action suit?

Are we ever going to get that money? Or will we just get a coupon for a free upgrade to the next version of Windows?

Princess Cruises Is Hiring!

Princess Is Hiring! ~ :)

Reservations Agent Seattle (office is Downtown by Space Needle) Starting Pay 9/hr ish. One month paid training. Cruise Benefits!

Job Duties: Routinely applies knowledge of product and booking policies to provide excellent customer service and to generate maximum sales. Answers inbound calls from customers, employees, and management to respond to booking queries and to generate bookings.

Job Requirements: High school diploma or equivalent. 1-year experience in customer service or sales. Proficiency in the use of computer business applications, with working knowledge of computerized reservations systems. Ability to communicate clearly (verbal and written) with customers, management, and employees.

Office Hours: Your hours will be on a set schedule. We are open 7 days a week, between 6am and 7pm.

Email me or comment for more information! :D

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Room or Rooms for Rent

Hey! I would really like to find someone, or someones (a couple ok) to take over my half of the lease!!

It's a 3 bedroom/2 bath house, 2 living spaces, w/d, a large yard and deck and a hot tub! Pets are ok too! One block from buses that go downtown or to the UW.

You would share with the remaining roommate and her dog and cat. Right now its her and I, but she is open to living with two more roommates.

Rent for 1 person is 712.50 (half the rent), 2 people is 425 and 475 (one room is smaller than the other) not sure how it would be worked for a couple, that could be determined between you and the remaining roommate, utilities split accordingly (half or thirds depending on total number of people). Last and deposit due as well as references for the landlord...just to make sure he is getting good people!

The house is in Wedgewood, a nice area of North Seattle. Quiet with lots of trees.
Available August 1st.

Contact me for more details and also so I could put you in touch with remaining roommate!
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face with ears

this should solve the monorail issue...

all we need are cats, butter and toast:

This is from the winner of a "scientific" theory paper writing contest, the paper is entitled "Perpetual Motion".

When a cat is dropped, it always lands on its feet, and when toast is dropped, it always lands buttered side down. Therefore, if a slice of toast is strapped
to a cat's back, buttered side up, and the animal is then dropped, the two opposing forces will cause it to hover, spinning inches above the ground. If enough toast-laden felines were used, they could form the basis of a high-speed monorail system.

At last! A solution to one of Seattle's ongoing transportation battles!

Just so long as no one alerts the SPCA...
Faye Valentine
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Hair Masters continued.

More info is in order.

It was the one that's in the same complex as Larry's Market, and I don't remember the name of the stylist, but it wasn't Sun.

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Everyone should go to Vain. Fixing this mess has earned them my undying loyalty.
Sea dragon

Wednesday (tomorrow): Fearless Excess at the Rebar

From The Stranger:

WEDNESDAY JULY 21 - "Hold My Hair Back"
Tonight brings a bevy of fringe talent to the stage of Re-bar for "Hold My Hair Back: An Evening of Fearless Excess." Hosted by fringe king Brandon Whitehead, this one-night spectacular of shtick, song, and interactive hedonism boasts everything from blues-harp performance and "erotic mime" to fortune telling and a kissing booth, all for the benefit of the good folks at Theater Schmeater. (Theater Schmeater at Re-bar, 1114 Howell St, doors at 8 pm, 21 and over; $10 general/$25 VIP at the door. )

I'm in: are you? (If you're shy and you don't want to go "by yourself" speak up and I'll hold a seat for you at my table.)
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Hey! You--pedestrians!

Y'all! All of Seattle! When you are crossing the street at a light and you have to push the signal button for the little green man to turn on--yeah, that? DO NOT REPEATEDLY SMASH THE GODDAMN THING OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN. It doesn't help the light to change any faster for your sorry self. It's annoying to watch, and it makes you look like an impatient ass. Did I mention that it doesn't make the lights change any faster?

Stop. Please. For the goddamned love of God.

That is all.

Thank you.

Seattle animal shelter.

NEEDS - the orphans are currently in need of bath towels, blankets, KMR, kitten canned food, canned cat food and canned dog food.
They still need small, medium and large crates.

Thank you to everyone who has been bringing in donations It's our busy season and donations are going out as fast as they come in.

If you can drop anything off here is the location, and thanks in advance :D

2061 15th Avenue West
Seattle, WA

Approximately 1 mile south of the Ballard Bridge